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How To Use Lexus Navigation Route Trace To Find Your Way Back Easily

Use Lexus' Route Trace function in the navigation menus to easily find your way back when exploring.

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The Lexus navigation system has an interesting feature that can help you explore and area, and then easily find your way back to your starting point. Anyone familiar with the story of Hansel and Gretel will understand how it works. The system lets you place bread crumbs along your route so you can follow them back. Hopefully, a wolf won't eat them and your story will end better than Hansel and Gretel's!

Enable Lexus Navigation Route Trace
The system will allow you to place small dots along a route you travel. To get started in an older than current Lexus simply start at the Navigation or Map screen. Click open the "Show On Map" button at the bottom of the screen. Then Click "Route Trace." Follow the prompts to enable Route Trace.
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In new Lexus Models, with the Nav screen enabled, look for the "Options Button" to open the "Navigation Options" menu. The button looks like three horizontal bars and it is often found just above the screen enlarging + button on the bottom left of the screen. Next, Click the second option, called "Map Information." Once open, click open option 4, called "Route Trace, " and enable this function.

Disable Route Trace and Clean Up Dots
To remove all the little dots this feature places all over your map, simply go back to the Route Trace menu and click it. It will offer you the option to disable and remove the dots.

What Does This Lexus Feature Really Do?
We have found this feature to be very helpful when we are following the instructions of a passenger to find a location we will then be dropping off. No need to ask them how to get back. Simply follow the dots back to your starting spot, or a spot along the way that you recognize. It is also great when simply out exploring. You can never really be lost because you can follow your original route back.

The video below may be helpful if our instructions were unclear. If you use this information tell us if it was helpful in the comments below. Please tell us if you have any questions we can answer or cool ideas you wish to share about infotainment systems.

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George Lechter (not verified)    December 26, 2017 - 12:19AM

need to be able to save the route as a destination. Then recall this and have the car take you with directions. Say you are in your car with your boss and he says let me show you a great way, complicated, but I'd like you to take me my way. You record the special path. You then can set the GPS to call it out, as opposed to telling your boss you did not learn the 80 turn route, looking incompetent.