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Honda Launches All-New 2022 Civic Si - You Had Me At Rev-Matching

Honda’s Civic is all-new this year and the new 2022 Si has just dropped. Dynamic styling, engine upgrades, and a cool transmission feature top our list of why this new Si excites us.

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The Honda Civic is undergoing its generational change this coming model year for 2022. The Civic Si is one of our favorite affordable sports cars, and we look forward to trying the new 2022 Civic Si after hearing what’s coming.

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2022 Civic Si image courtesy of HondaEngine Changes
We think the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine in the Civic Si is a perfect match for its mission. Since the Civic is front-wheel drive, more torque and power are not needed. As the Type R proves, they simply cannot be put to the ground. The balance of the Si is what made it our preference over the Type R after we tested both in the prior generation.

That doesn’t mean we won’t welcome changes to the Si’s engine. For 2022, Honda brings the max torque down lower in the rev band. The engine’s peak torque of 192 lb.-ft. of torque is now on tap from 1800 to 5000 rpm. This Si is gonna pull like a train. The limited-slip differential returns for 2022. That is good news since it is the key to using all of this torque.

Honda also created a lighter flywheel for quicker response and improved drivability. My ‘90s Si buzzed like a Singer. Honda has been improving the car’s sounds since then, and Honda makes two changes this year to make the car sound sweater. First, a new dual-coil silencer exhaust system increases exhaust flow 27 percent compared to Civic Touring. Second, Honda cheats and improves its Active Sound Control system that can produce high-quality sound over a wider range of engine rpm.

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Transmission Trick
Shifting the manual transmission in a Civic Si is half the fun. To make the car even more fun, Honda lifted the cool rev-matching feature from the Type R and plunked it down in the Si. This allows the driver to have perfectly matched revs when downshifting. The car can blip the throttle in 430 m/s.

Other Changes
Like every new generation of vehicle, the Civic Si gets improved chassis stiffness, better handling, more safety gadgets, and all that jazz. Forgive us for glossing over that stuff, but it can only be reported on properly in a test. One important change we look forward to using is wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The New Civic Si joins the lineup as it rolls out this fall and winter. Watch Torque News for an upcoming test report.

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DeanMcManis (not verified)    October 20, 2021 - 10:54AM

I've always thought that the Civic Type R's styling was over the top, and at the same time a bit awkward in the blocky hatchback body. So I preferred the Civic Si Coupe styling and thought that Honda should offer the Type R drivetrain in the sleeker coupe body. I actually think that the styling changes for the 2022 Civic are a step back from the stylish 2016 Civic refresh. But for many people different is always better, and fewer people are drawn to buying a new model that doesn't look any different than last year's model.