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If You Think You Want A Honda Civic Si You Are Correct

You have a strong hunch that the Honda Civic Si is right for you, don't you. You're right.


If you are of the opinion that the 2020 Honda Civic Si is the right car for you, here's the truth- you're right! Take it from a former Honda Civic Si owner and experienced vehicle tester. Trust your instincts. Read on if you need a bit more reinforcement that your gut feelings are spot-on.
Honda Civic Si image by John GorehamYou Want the Civic Si, Not the Type R
First up, shed any notions you may have that the Type R is a better Civic in the real world. Let's face it, if you are buying a race track vehicle, you'd be nuts to buy a front-wheel drive vehicle. The truth is, the only place the Type R may have a tiny edge in performance on the Si is on a track. I know, I drove it.

The Type R can't put the power down. What good is more power if the vehicle can't use it effectively? The Type R just hops and cuts the power if you hustle it in the real world. The Si has more power than even it's chassis can handle. You don't need more. You can't use it.
Honda Civic Si image by HondaCivic Si Stick Shift
One of the big reasons you want a Civic Si is the manual stick shift transmission. If not, you may be better off in a Civic Sport or Touring trim. The stick shift is really an integral part of what makes the Si special. The list of fun and affordable three-pedal cars you can buy new is not that long anymore. You should get one while you still can. The Si shifts great and you will love learning how to rev-match your downshifts.
Honda Civic Si image by John GorehamSpecial Si Content - Wing, Wheels, And Exhaust
How many Civics do you see modified to have a wing, bigger alloys with lower-profile tires, and a custom exhaust? These are pretty popular mods for the Civic. Why not just get them in the car when you buy it new? The Si has all of that and more. Special seats and badges galore. The Si looks great, sounds great and drives great. We know. We drove it. And we have owned it. You should too.

John Goreham doesn't just review Honda Civic Si cars. He has also owned them. You can follow John on Twitter, and view his credentials at Linkedin

Exterior images by John Goreham. Pedal image by Honda.


Alex (not verified)    June 24, 2020 - 8:15PM

LOL at this review.
You sir are an idiot for writing this review. Yes, I am more of an idiot for even attempting to write something about it. The SI is a great car, but don't start off your review by comparing it to the type-r and then bashing the type-r in trying to trick someone into buying an SI. As a civic SI HFP edition owner, I can tell you why you would want to fork out the extra 10k to buy a type - r . #1, The seats alone would persuade anyone to buy a type-r over the SI because they are just that damn comfortable. If you even drove the type-r and not just sat in one in a parking lot, you would know that at the low RPM ranges in 2nd and 3rd gear, the type r will plant you in your seat and that is something the SI aspires to do. Also, the Type-r is one of the few cars in this world to have vortex generators to create real down force on the wing. As the owner of both of these type of cars, if you have the extra 10k, won't mind driving the type-r in the winters, and don't mind the 2 seats in back, then its a no brainer. The type-r beats the SI in every possible way from comfort, aerodynamics, performance, aesthetics, fun factor, to just the thrill of having a race car that is actually on par with a BMW M2 without having to spend an arm and a leg on maintaining it. I love my SI so much that I could not trade it in for my type-r, but don't get me wrong, I will pick the type-r to drive every time I have to choose between one or the other.