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Guess which gets the most tickets, Lexus ES 300 or IS 350?

One is the most ticketed car and one the least ticketed car.


If you had to guess, which car would say is the most ticketed of all vehicles and which is the least ticketed car overall? Your choices are the 306hp, rear-wheel-drive Lexus IS 350 with adjustable modes including “Power” (Left Image) or the 190 hp, front wheel drive, Camry-based ES 300 sedan (right image)? Yup, it is the ES 300. compiles over 323,000 customer records, interview results, accident reports, and traffic violation records to rank vehicles by a percentage of those that recently received a traffic ticket. The ES 300 is the top vehicle overall on this year’s list, having kicked last year’s winner, the Subaru WRX down to tenth place. With a chart-topping score of 33%, the ES 300 is literally ten times more likely to get ticketed than the IS 350 (which I have been ticketed in). The IS 350 is the least ticketed car at just 3%, and only the cute-ute Buick Encore has a lower score. Odd for a car capable of beating a BMW 335i in a comparison test.

Drivers are the actual recipients of the tickets as Penny Gusner, consumer analyst for points out, saying, “It’s the driver that gets tickets, not the car, but it is interesting to see what vehicle makes and models attract drivers who are prone to traffic violations.”

The other cars in the top ten are not that hard to believe. The Nissan 350 and Dodge Charger are there. The Toyota Tacoma is the top truck on the list at 30%. Together Toyota and Lexus have the top car, top truck, top vehicle overall and also the lowest ticketed car.