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Ford beefs up the police interceptor with a new "cop motor"

New engine will offer more power and better fuel efficiency in the Taurus Police Interceptor.

In the long list of cool cop cars there exists two that were very special. First, and always first is Mad Max’s “Last of the V8 Interceptors.” Max’ car was cool because it was simply a bad machine. V8 with an added blower operating off a toggle switch. The Blues Mobile was cool because it had a “Cop motor…” and other modifications. Is the new Ford Taurus going to be remembered as a great “Cop car” because it adds 0.2 liters of displacement to its existing engine. Maybe.

The truth is that 99.9% of the time police cars are rolling offices. Automatic plate readers are not exciting, but they read every plate and they never get tired. One of the most important police car tests is not 0-60mph, but can the car sit for 8 hours hood popped on a 95 degree day at a construction site while the officer sits inside AC blasting – and not overheat? However, when municipalities buy squad cars for their fleet engines get noticed for two reasons, punch, and fuel economy. Ford has added the 3.7 liter normally aspirated engine to the Taurus in order to break the magic 300hp mark. That will give the municipalities an answer when the police chiefs ask for a car with punch. The new very slight improvement in fuel economy gives the local government buyers what they want.

Previously Ford offered a 3.5 liter V-6 engine and also an EcoBoost turbocharged V6. This new engine, that was offered in just the Explorer Police Interceptor in the past, splits the difference. Look for the 3.5 to go away. Ford says in a press statement that its fuel economy and horsepower ratings on the 3.7 are the highest of any naturally aspirated V6 offered in a police vehicle rated for pursuit. With 305 horsepower, 25 mpg highway, AND all-wheel drive, the Taurus is indeed pretty efficient.

The Taurus has many other police related modifications and has been tested for the all-important 75 mph rear crash test (no sarcasm here). That type of crash is sadly all too common.

With its new V6 offering Ford seems to have hit the sweet spot that the market is looking for.

Video courtesy of and battaginlemon