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Chevy Colorado will come with innovative child safety seat feature

The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon will launch with innovative feature that parents will appreciate. Toyota's next Tacoma and Nissan's final Frontier had better be something very special coming if they want to retain their sales.


The 2015 Chevy Colorado is going to very quickly challenge the Toyota Tacoma for the top-selling “compact” pickup truck in America. Chevy is not kidding around with the new Colorado and the GMC version, called Canyon. This truck is going to pack more power, more features, and arguably more value into its new truck than anything in the marketplace. One feature we are pleased to report on is not a stump-pulling engine option, nor is it a lift kit so the driver can pretend to be frequenting imaginary off-road destinations. Rather, it is a clever seat design that may help make child safety seats work better.

In some compact pickup trucks the rear seats have cushions that are shorter than typical vehicle seat cushions. This is simply because they are designed as temporary seats and seats for children to sit in. The problem with that is that the bottom of the seat cushion is not really long enough to properly support the base of a child safety seat. Some clever person at GM realized this and they came up with a splendidly simple solution. The rear headrest can be removed and then slot into the base of the seat, making it longer to support the child seat. Elegant.

The video explains the way the system works, so we won’t pretend there is more to this. We will say that if GM is thinking so hard about this truck that it is adding things like child safety seat innovations, Toyota better be ready with something pretty fabulous if it wants to keep that number one sales spot.

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Aaron Turpen    May 28, 2014 - 4:09PM

If the rear seats were actual size instead of glorified bus benches, this wouldn't be required. I got car seats into the Tacoma and the Frontier just fine without any gimmickry. This is just another stupid PR point in my opinion. On a first look at a car show of the Canyon, I was unimpressed.