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Can you top this hideous 2015 Lexus NX 200t created for SEMA?

Some of the SEMA show cars really turn us off and this one takes the cake. Can you top it?


Here at Torque News we almost never say anything bad about a car unless forced to by circumstance. We are huge fans of the new 2015 Lexus NX 200t premium crossover. We have driven the vehicle, and we think it will be a smashing sales success for Lexus. That said, this SEMA show car that Lexus commissioned seems to miss the entire character of the car, and the color makes our eyes hurt.

2015 Lexus NX 200t Crossover
The new NX 200t will be a great addition to the Lexus line under the wildly popular, and segment-leading RX 350. It will attract younger buyers to the brand, which all automakers must do or risk becoming Oldsmobile and Mercury. It also will slot in nicely to the new premium compact crossover market that Audi’s Q5 and BMW’s X3 have done so well in. Lexus loves to spoil their fun, and this vehicle will definitely be taking a bite out of that expanding pie. We just don’t understand how one this color makes sense.

SEMA Cars – They Live They Die
SEMA is a place where automakers bring wild stuff to help promote the aftermarket industry. That industry is where people buy lowering springs, engine parts that make cars go faster, and lots and lots of cosmetic parts made of plastic and carbon fiber. The cars are usually commissioned by the automakers meaning they pay the people that create them and also donate the car. After the show, many are immediately crushed so that they don’t dilute the mainstream marketing campaign. Hopefully, this car will not be crushed, but repainted and sold. Whatever its fate we hope it meets it tomorrow immediately following the show.

As we hope you can tell we are fans of the show and fans of the new 2015 NX 200t. We think the designer did a quality job executing his vision, but we don’t share it, and our eyes blur when that color hits our retinas. If you disagree tell us, and if you have a SEMA car you think is uglier post it on the Torque News Facebook page so we may all wonder in its gruesomeness.

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Steven Sheffield (not verified)    November 7, 2014 - 10:16AM

I happen to love it and would not hesitate to buy one just like it. It's got miles more style than the Subaru Crosstrek - which I'm sure is the market they're going after with these looks. Cool in my book.