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Can you see the boring in this 2015 Lexus RC F?

Apparently, the “boring” label no longer works, but critics are hard at work trying to find a way to downplay the most exciting Toyota/Lexus product ever.

The 2015 Lexus RC F and RC 350 sport coupes are no longer coming; they have arrived on dealer lots. A reader tipped Torque News off that his local dealership in New York has three on the lot now. More will surely follow since Christmas is a huge part of premium car marketing and promotions.
The new RC F and RC 350 present a real problem to the automotive press that have been ignoring Toyota and Lexus since the Toyota Supra was retired. They were able to pretend that the world’s largest automaker and the US market’s largest retail seller of cars didn’t matter since it didn’t make “exciting cars.”

Lexus Beats BMW in Comparison Tests
The paradigm shift started about a year ago when the new Lexus IS 350 sports sedan beat the BMW 335i in Car and Driver’s comparison test. Then the IS beat the BMW in Road and Track’s comparison test. Then the IS passed Infiniti’s Q-whatever-it’s-called to become the number two selling sports sedan in its segment. Now the RC coupe has arrived, and things are about to get very interesting for the folks who have been only focused on which car is second best to the BMW in the exciting-to-drive car market.

Auto Press Missed the Real Story
For many years layabout automotive writers dismissed Toyota’s dominance in the family car market by labeling their cars “boring.” The truth is there is no exciting, dynamic, blast-to-drive car in the 4-cylinder, front wheel drive sedan class that Toyota dominates. That did not matter to journalists stepping out of six-figure supercars who then drove home in their rear-drive BMWs. They just wanted to get the annoying “Toyota breaks sales record” story done and move on to the next poster car.

RC F Surprises BMW M4 On Track
The apparent new line of reasoning is that since the Lexus RC F weighs more than the BMW M4 it cannot be as good. That claim got harder to sell when MotorTrend track tested the RC F and the BMW M4. MotorTrend did an excellent job in the comparison. They used a pro driver who had as many laps as he needed to get familiar with both cars then laid down his best lap time in both. The RC F’s time around the track was within one-third of one second of the more expensive BMW M4.

The Lexus RC F and RC 350 have arrived just in time to make Christmas very special for some lucky new Lexus owners. The timing is unfortunate for those that can’t understand how a Lexus might possibly be the most fun car in not one, but two exciting car segments.


Mark Day (not verified)    November 5, 2014 - 3:06PM

"The Lexus RC F and RC 350 have arrived just in time..." According to my local Lexus dealer the RC F won't be available for some time - late Dec or Jan.

Mark Day (not verified)    November 5, 2014 - 3:33PM

An insightful quote from Car and Driver: "…the F has a personality all its own, a Japanese Camaro…"
I have an '80 Camaro Z28 and am interested in the F.