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The Best Compact Crossover Stories of 2016 - Which gets your vote Rogue, CR-V, or RAV4 Hybrid?

We recap the year with a focus on the largest-selling vehicle segment.

The compact crossover has surpassed all other family vehicles to be the top-selling vehicle type in 2016 according to General Motors and other industry trackers. At the close of 2016 both Nissan and Honda introduced new, larger and better-equipped versions of the Rogue and CR-V. Here are some highlights from this past year's compact crossover market:

Toyota RAV4 Leads In Safety
Although the CR-V and Rogue are new for 2017, neither offers standard forward collision prevention. Why do only the affluent families get the safety stuff on those brands? Toyota is ahead of the competition on this important aspect of the new de facto family vehicle. "Important Safety System Now Standard On 2017 Toyota RAV4"

Will Honda CR-V Dominate in 2017?
Parks McCants' title says it all. He says that the new turbocharged option for the CR-V elevates it in the segment. Having driven that engine in the Civic, it is clear this is a great drivetrain. "American Honda Positions 2017 CR-V to Dominate U.S. SUV Market"

2017 Roge - Three Rows and Much More
The new Nissan Rogue will come with a third row in some versions. We like that. We also loved the Star Wars tie-in. "2017 Nissan Rogue World Debut Reveals New Hybrid Drivetrain [Video]"

2017 Forester - More of the Good Stuff
The Forester is a top-seller in many cold markets. Here in New England, it is everywhere you look including in my garage. For 2017 Subaru tweaked the Forester in key ways. Our own Denis Flierl says there are 20 improvements! Darn it. Should've waited to buy a 17! "20 New Upgrades Are Coming on 2017 Subaru Forester"

2017 Ford Escape Gets Edgy
Patrick Rall had some fun with his story titled "The 2017 Ford Escape Gets Edgier in LA."

2016 Toyota RAV4 - Best In Class?
We gave the RAV4 hybrid a full test, including a snow test. We were blown away by this vehicle. Will it have what it takes to keep up its brisk sales pace in 2017 with the CR-V getting 29 MPG Combined and beating the RAV4 hybrid's Highway MPG rating? "Review: 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited AWD - The 33 MPG Honey Badger"