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2017 Fiat 124 Spider – Official Details and Images

The all-new 124 Spider from Fiat has finally arrived. Here are all the details we have.


At long last Fiat has taken the wraps off the all-new 124 Spider. Jumping right in, the new 124 Spider will not use a Mazda engine, but rather, a Multi-Air in-line, turbocharged four-cylinder displacing 1.4-liters. Despite its size, it will produce more horsepower than the Miata’s 155 hp, 2-liter engine. The 124 will boast 160 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. Both a six-speed manual and automatic will be offered.

The new styling is differentiated from the Miata most notably in front. The grill is a familiar look to anyone with any Fiat Spider memories from years past. The roundish headlamps are almost retro in appearance. The long hood is sculpted with two indentations that give the car a look of speed. Moving further back, we see a chrome windshield surround. Inside, the new Fiat 124 Spider is all Miata. The dash, HVAC controls and infotainment screen appear to be the same as in the Mazda.

The new 2017 124 Spider will be available at Fiat Studios in the U.S. this coming summer. Fiat says that the first wave of 124 vehicles will be offered as a limited-edition Prima Edizione Lusso Edition in blue with premium saddle (beige) leather.