Toyota’s RAV4 has finally passed the top cars in America.
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2016 Toyota RAV4 tops Camry and Corolla In August

Compact crossovers are the new sales leaders, and Toyota’s RAV4 has finally passed the top cars in America.

August’s Toyota sales report reveals that the crossover is now king of the hill at the leading automaker in America. The RAV4’s sales of 33,171 units for the month were up about 9% over last year’s August sales. The Camry, meanwhile, had a decline of about 13%, yielding a total of 32,864 sales for the month. Thus, the RAV4 outsold the top-selling car model in America by about 300 units or roughly 1%.

The RAV4 isn’t yet ahead of the Camry in year to date sales, and it may not pass the Camry before the end of this calendar year. In fact, the Corolla still leads the RAV4 in YTD sales, making th RAV4 the third model for sales in that regard. However, with compact cars and midsize sedans in a long decline, the RAV4 is poised to be the leading seller for 2017.

Included in the RAV4’s total for the month are nearly 5,000 RAV4 hybrids. Unlike its rivals, Toyota offers a hybrid vehicle in every major sales segment, aside from is two truck models. The RAV4 Hybrid has been selling robustly ever since its instruction a number of months ago. It presently outsells every electric vehicle in the U.S. marketplace. In combination with the Toyota Prius, the RAV4 Hybrid also continues Toyota’s legacy of offering the top-selling green vehicle in the top non-truck markets in which it competes.

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2016 RAV4, continuing most American drivers' love affair with automobiles as appliances - snooze. Unfortunately, here in Florida, most folks might as well be driving appliances; rules-of-the-road are either unknown, forgotten, or ignored. Passing lane - what's that? Yield to faster moving vehicles - are you kidding?