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First glimpse of Nissan Juke given before Geneva reveal

The new Nissan Juke has been teased prior to its official unveiling at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


The new Nissan Juke will make its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in about a week, showing off its improved efficiency, advanced technologies and greater practicality.

Nissan dominates the European crossover market and one of its key players is the odd little Juke. Nissan plans to take the little crossover into higher gear with what they're calling their "most distinctive crossover yet." Not sure how they can do that, given that the Juke is already the most distinctive crossover, but we only have to wait another week to find out.

The first teaser image of the new Juke doesn't show much. It's a "sand blast" image of the little B-segment cross isn't all that informative. Since the teaser's release, however, a few others have also been shown on various Nissan social media sites, showing details like a new wheel option, even more accentuated "arrowhead"-style tail lamps, but not much else.

Nissan promises more glimpses of the Juke's transformation before the Geneva show. If you follow their social media channels, you've probably seen some of those. Most are unveiling on their Facebook page (see it here), but there are also some images appearing on their Instagram (here) and Twitter (here).

If you're a Juke fan, you are definitely going to want to keep tabs on those accounts.