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Qualcomm Actively Promotes It Qualcomm Halo With Renault and Delta Motorsports

Qualcomm won’t sit still as the technical landscape moves, so does the company. From wireless connectivity pioneer to wireless charging system, the company announced today a memorandum with Renault and a deal with Delta Motorsports.

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Qualcomm is an impressive company. At our last meeting at EVS26, the company showed its latest acquisition and impressive technology, the Qualcomm Halo system. This intelligent wireless charging technology allows much greater tolerance for misalignments. Since then, the company just won’t sit still. It is now getting ready to start an ambitious project connecting people, their lives and electric cars. Starting in the second half of 2012, the project is expected to include stakeholders, as well as government departments and agencies, commercial and private sector enterprises.

Qualcomm Halo and Renault. The company that manufactured my first cell phone two decades ago has come a long way and today announced a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU with Renault to cooperate in the London trial of the Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging, WEVC technology I wrote about Qualcomm Halo's intelligent wireless charging system . The project will conduct preliminary studies of how the integration of this technology will work with the Renault electric vehicles and allow for remote charging. Renault will then join the London trial steering committee.

In order to evaluate the commercial viability of wireless electric car charging, the companies will use feedback on how the vehicles are being used. The data will then be applied in the implementation of the wireless charging system on a greater scale.

According to Anthony Thompson, vice president of business development and marketing at Qualcomm: "We are very excited about the prospects of working with Renault, a global leader in electric vehicles and an innovator in the growing low carbon vehicle market. Renault's participation in the WEVC London trial aligns with Qualcomm's drive to make charging of electric vehicles simple and effortless."

Qualcomm and Delta Motorsport. As if the Renault wasn’t enough, Qualcomm also announced another partnership with Delta Motorsport. Delta Motorsport, a British automotive and motorsport engineering consultancy, will integrate the Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) system into its Delta E-4 Coupe electric vehicles. The project will also be part of the Qualcomm London WEVC trial.

Nick Carpenter, Delta Motorsport’s technical director had to say the following: "Wireless EV Charging is the next technology step for the Delta E-4 Coupe, while the integration of Qualcomm Halo EV charging technology into the Delta E-4 Coupe and rigorous user testing in the London trial will help us better understand future EV engineering challenges,".

Delta Motorsport also plans to participate with Qualcomm Europe Inc. on a steering committee for the London trial and to provide support for the London Trial.

Qualcomm is not wasting any time with the burgeoning electric car, EV and plug-in hybrid, PHEV new market by rolling its stellar Qualcomm Halo wireless charging system and partnering with Renault and Delta Motorsport.

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