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The Car You'll Like To Drive, Alfa Romeo's New Giulietta

While we all anticipate the hot arrival of Alfa Romeo and its Giulietta in the for the past few years, the Giulietta has been raking in accolades Europe. What about the U.S.?

Alfa Romeo finally reached beyond its estimated market penetration in Europe of 1%, which leads to us to believe FIAT finally has the numbers to seriously undertake its long awaited revival in the U.S.. Alfa Romeo did better than expect in the old continent with a 2.8% market penetration in Europe. Those numbers are the highest sales figures achieved for a hatchback by Alfa Romeo.

Technically Speaking. So far sales obviously favored the most popular engine, the FIAT derived 105 hp 1.6 MultiJet with 35%, with a definite trend towards the more powerful one, the 1.4 MultiAir that puts out 170 hp, although of the total sales. To be fair, Alfa Romeo tweaks the engine and gives it that inimitable Alfa sound.

Can you guess which color was chosen primarily? Strangely enough, white, or to be more precise, Ghiaccio White. Red was chosen mostly in the Sports range, no surprise there. The Giulietta found half of its customers customizing it with the sport touch, Distinctive/Exclusive. It found a soft spot in 40 years old range, with a medium-high level of education, 20% women, while families represent half. Those last numbers show a growing interest for the brand. Lastly, the Giulietta has proved to be the safest hatchback ever tested by EuroNcap, which means good news for the U.S..

Why Are These Numbers Important To Us? The numbers hint at a great future for the famed Alfa Romeo brand, since the overwhelming majority, 90% to be exact were bought with the top "Distinctive" and "Exclusive" levels of fitting. This clearly points to an audience eager to rekindle that unbeatable Italian flair in design, passion in driving package experience. FIAT is pondering if it will bring back the brand under its own dealership or use an already established one. Source at FIAT previously said Alfa Romeo would be sold alongside Maserati dealerships, a fitting mix. Rebadging Dodges with an Alfa Romeo sticker is seen as another possibility, although we are assured suspensions would not softened, as often is the case when bringing in performance European cars. So what is hold up FIAT? One thing is for certain, FIAT desperately needs to revive the Alfa Romeo brand that has always had a faithful following. While some will blame ancient betrayals that saw the genius Vittorio Jano go from FIAT to Alfa Romeo, it is clearly time now for Alfa Romeo to come back.