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Despite Tesla short sellers, Musk promises cash flow positive in 2013

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Speaking at the Tesla shareholders meeting on Wednesday, Elon Musk showed Tesla's progress and business roadmap for the next few years, talking about the Model S, Model X, and the high volume production vehicles to follow.

At Wednesday's annual shareholder for Tesla Motors, CEO Elon Musk gave a business roadmap for the company, saying the company was almost certainly going to become cash flow positive in 2013, that the third generation Tesla (following the Model X) will be the company's mass production electric car, and more.

The meeting came close on the heels of reports that the first Model S Founder Series cars had been delivered to Steve Jurvetson and Elon Musk over the weekend. Musk claimed the early deliveries had been made not because the two were privileged insiders, but so that they, as company leadership, could go over the Model S very carefully, ensuring that everything about the car is perfect. Which let Musk segue into discussing how well the company had delivered on promises made for the Model S.

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Safety: Certified with a 5-star crash-worthiness so high that Musk bragged if there was a sixth star, they'd have gotten it. One point in favor of crash-worthiness is the front trunk, which would normally hold an engine, is really a massive crumple zone. Reliability: They've put the car through millions of miles of accelerated life testing, shake and bake systems, the whole works. Later in the Q&A session Musk said "The best service is to minimize serving needs," meaning the company's goal was to make a car so reliable it needed very little servicing. Beautiful: That just speaks for itself, the Model S is a beauty of a car.


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I have to take issue with the headline of this article: short sellers affect the share price of the stock, which has nothing to do with cash flow from sales, so the headline contributes to misunderstandings about how businesses operate. There's enough ignorance out there already without adding to it.
yes, I understand that. But short sellers do what they do because they believe a company is overvalued. The large short interest in Tesla indicates a lot of people believe the company is overvalued, and some take this as another sliver of proof that the whole green electric vehicle thing is nonsense, etc. If we were to believe the short sellers, Tesla will stumble and fail. Musk was instead promising the company has enough sales on hand to reach cash flow positive, and projects significantly more sales than that. While short sellers don't directly influence sales, as you so rightly say, they indicate a belief Tesla will fail, while Musk says otherwise.
After test driving the Tesla S 7 auto analysts basically raved about the car-----Tesla has started to let the public test drive the car----cannot doubt that a majority of these people are also going like the car and enough will buy it so I say "Tesla Motors has the odds in it's favor to become very successful"--------