Stirling Moss to drive famous Jaguar C-type at Donington Historic Festival

Sir Stirling Moss, a driving legend, will be at the at the Donington Historic Festival on Sunday May 6th, 2012. He will not just be a spectator though, as he will be driving the Jaguar C-type he drove to victory in the 1952 Reims Grand Prix.

Sir Stirling Moss will take to the track in the actual Jaguar C-type he drove exactly 60 years ago. Impressive as it was, his 1952 victory was more than a mere win. This was the first-ever race victory in a disc-braked car, which cemented the Jaguar's reputation for innovative engineering and forward thinking technology. Eventually disc brakes made it onto production vehicles and are used today on vehicles all over the world. Most likely the car you drive today!

The Donington Historic Festival will see the historic Jaguar and driver reunited. Stirling Moss will do several lap demonstrations for spectators at the festival. Driving the world-famous C-type, chassis XKC 005 (instantly recognizable by its original registration number of MDU 212). He will also be on hand to sign autographs for fans during the day as well.

During the Reims Grand Prix in 1952 the heat was so intense and the competition so brutal that Moss was near to collapsing after winning. Jaguar’s team manager at the time, ‘Lofty’ England (later to become Chairman and Chief Executive of Jaguar), told a bit of a crazy story about that day. While the National Anthem was played in honor of Stirling’s victory, the team helped him to stand while they poured a bucket of water over him to keep him conscious.

It seems that dedication to racing is what has kept him going all these years. Sir Stirling is an extremely spirited gentleman and only retired from racing last year at 81 years of age! Whoever said age slows you down?

In addition to winning the 1952 Reims Grand Prix victory the Jaguar C-type XKC 005 it also raced at the 1952 Monte Carlo Grand Prix, and took victories at Boreham and Turnberry, as well as a 2nd place at Goodwood that same year. (This was with Moss behind the wheel of course.) The Jaguar also ran as a factory car in the 1953 Mille Miglia, driven by Rolt/Hayden. Today, the C-type remains competitive in historic racing, where it’s a familiar sight at such events such as Goodwood and even Le Mans.

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