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Volvo Concept You designers share behind the scenes of their craftsmanship

Posted: September 13, 2011 - 1:33PM
Author: KC Kelly
Learning about the amazing craftsmanship that goes on behind the scenes of manufacturing the beautiful Volvo brand car can be extremely interesting. The following is a look inside the making of the Volvo Concept You.


How Volvo designers made this concept is an interesting story. You Concept was unveiled today by Volvo at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

From the skilled craftsmanship required to making the Volvo Concept You in Italy, most car enthusiasts don’t know that the Volvo Concept You is a machine that is hand-built in Italy from the best and most skilled designers, carpenters and carpet makers to the Swedish suit maker Oscar Jacobson and leather craftsmen.

Volvo Concept You is the most luxurious automobile that Volvo has ever built. Every detail of the craftsmanship exudes real quality and professional skill. The Concept You idea began with a pen and a blank piece of paper. Designers actually sketched out different ideas as a collaborative effort to make the best car possible.

Some of the best and most talented designers, who work for Volvo, gave great insight into what goes into making the Volvo automobile. Below are some of their statements.

A spokesperson for Volvo shared, “What we wanted to do with the Concept You was make something very exclusive, but also using exclusive materials, and simplify things down to the real Scandinavian values that we feel Volvo design is all about. “

Andreas Nilsson, the Design Director for Volvo Car Corporation stated, “… elegant shapes mixed with highly hand-crafted materials and details.”

Frida Torgeby, a designer for the Volvo Car Corporation stated, “We have really unique Scandinavian fabrics. We have wool. We have linen. We use the wool in the carpet and we use the wool and other fabrics on the doors. We have this nice wood. We have this really nice leather. The materials are super important.”

Anders Bergstrom, Senior Designer for Volvo Car Corporation stated, “I really like wood because it’s a very Scandinavian material and it’s also really classic material for cars. And the possibility to do something else – something with the wood…”

Italy, a country where excellent design and skilled craftsmanship have always been greatly appreciated, it’s apparent why the Volvo Concept You is built in this country. Conny Blomme, Senior Designer for Volvo Car Corporation shared how exciting it is to be able to really see, feel and touch your concept being created from start to finish and coming to life. “To see the final results of the work feels really exciting,” he shared.

“You can see it’s been taken care of with real love and care. And execution is flawless in every little detail. It’s made by someone who cared for it and loved it,” shared another Volvo designer.

Cilla Stark, Senior Design Leader for Volvo Car Corporation compares making the Volvo to a painting. She shared that when you see faults or flaws in the design, it’s really beautiful because you can see there is a real person behind it.

When finding materials to produce the Volvo, it’s a question about finding the very best. The designers put everything they have into every small detail of the entire design of the Volvo Concept You.