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Toyota announces price increases for nearly all US models

Toyota Motors recently issued their numbers for March 2011, showing that they were the only major automotive group to see a decline in March sales from 2010 and on top of that, the Japanese automaker has announced that most US models (including Scion and Lexus) will be receiving price increases.

The new 2011 model year prices for Toyota, Scion and Lexus go into effect on vehicles built in the US starting in May and for Japanese-built models, those new prices go into effect on vehicles scheduled for a May delivery in the US market. The Japanese Toyota vehicles that will see the price hike starting with May deliveries includes the 4Runner, Corolla, FJ Cruiser, Highlander Hybrid, Land Cruiser, Prius, RAV4, and Yaris Liftback From Scion, the only Japanese model affected is the xD and from the luxury Lexus lineup all vehicles come from Japan with the exception of the Lexus RX-series SUVs. All other vehicles from the three Toyota US brands will receive the price hike when the vehicles built after May 1st hit dealerships.

This means that if you are considering a new Toyota, Scion or Lexus model you only have a month or so until you will be facing higher sticker prices at the dealership. Only five vehicles in the entire US portfolio of Toyota vehicles will not receive a price hike in May with those models being the Toyota Tacoma, the Toyota Yaris sedan, the Scion tC, the Scion xB, the Lexus CT 200h hybrid and the 2012 LFA supercar.

For the rest of the American-sold Toyota, Scion and Lexus prices, there are price hikes ranging from 0.4% to 2.2% depending on the vehicle in question. A full list of vehicles and their price increases is available at the bottom of the page.

Toyota vehicles receive a price increase that ranges from $200 for the Yaris Liftback to $900 for the Land Cruiser and Sequoia sport utes – an increase of 1.2 to 2.2% depending on the vehicle in question. The Prius receives an increase of $470 and the Camry price is going up by $375. The Scion xD receives an increase of $65 (0.4%) while the Lexus model increases range from $600 to $900, depending on the vehicle.

Toyota 2011 mid-year price increases
(Vehicle – Price Increase)
4Runner - 600
Avalon - 600
Camry - 375
Corolla - 300
FJ Cruiser – 500
Highlander – 550
Highlander Hybrid – 650
Land Cruiser - 900
Matrix - 300
Prius - 470
RAV4 - 450
Sequoia - 900
Sienna - 500
Tacoma - 0
Tundra - 500
Venza - 500
Yaris Liftback - 200
Yaris Sedan - 0

Scion price increases:
xB - 0
xD - 65
tC - 0

Lexus price increases:
CT 200h - 0
IS 250 sedan - 650
IS 350 sedan - 650
IS 250 2-door - 800
IS 350 2-door - 800
IS-F - 900
HS 250 - 730
ES 350 - 700
GS 450h - 900
GS 460 - 800
GS 350 - 800
LFA Supercar - 0
LS 600h - 900
LS 460 - 900
RX 450h - 800
RX 350 - 700
GX 460 - 600
LX 570 - 900

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