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The Nissan Esflow Concept debuts at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

The big news from the Nissan camp as the 2011 Geneva Motor Show opens is the grand debut of the new Esflow Concept – a cutting edge electric supercar utilizing similar powertrain technology to that found in the popular Nissan Leaf production vehicle.

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Nissan teased the industry when they began discussing the new Esflow Concept around the time of the 2011 Chicago Auto Show (click here for the original announcement of the Esflow) but as the Geneva Motor Show opens, the Nissan Esflow is formally introduced to the world with the cutting edge technology of the Nissan Leaf in an exterior package that leaves no doubt to the car’s sporty nature.

The key difference from the drivetrain of the Nissan Leaf to the new Esflow Concept is the addition of an extra electric motor in the new sporty concept. The Esflow uses the same lithium ion battery system as the Leaf but it uses two separate electric motors, each located in a mid-engine position and responsible for driving just one of the rear wheels. This way, each engine’s power to the wheel that it drives can be regulated to make the most of the available power to improve traction and stability. Nissan claims that the electric drive system in the Esflow can allow the sleek supercar to travel 150 miles on a single charge along with dashing from 0-62 in under 5 seconds.

Like any good electric vehicle, the Nissan Esflow Concept is comprised of an ultra-light chassis to help yield the most mileage from the available battery charge and the automaker points out that unlike many “green” sports cars that begin as vehicles powered by internal combustion engines that are then modified for the electric drivetrain but instead, designers put this car together to work perfectly with the design of the electric propulsion system. The skin of the Esflow is wrapped around an all-aluminum chassis that provides a great deal of rigidity for both safety and improved handling while also providing a roll cage type structure around the passenger area. Nissan has added a wraparound windshield to provide improved visibility for the driver and while it makes for a great looking concept car, the exterior design doesn’t look like something that could see production in the near future.

While the appearance of the Nissan Esflow – from the futuristic looking lights to the wraparound windshield to the ultra-aggressive overall physical design – might not be something that we see on Nissan dealership showrooms any time soon, this Concept proves that a dedicated, electric sports car is possible with the use of current (production ready) electric drivetrain technology without compromising true sports car abilities. The Nissan Esflow offers 100% emission-free driving in a car with real sports car handling and styling, all designed to work specifically with the dual-drive electric engine setup for optimum handling and acceleration.

Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the Nissan Esflow Concept in action!

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