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NHTSA investigating BMW 7 Series for rollaway risks

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a preliminary investigation of the BMW 7 Series over concerns that the vehicles could roll away when left parked and should the federal department find a defect in the BMW shifting system, this could require BMW to issue a recall of affected vehicles.


The NHTSA decided to launch this investigation after receiving one complaint of a 2006 BMW 7 Series (model unspecified) rolling away after the driver had parked it and left the vehicle. No accidents or injuries were reported as a result of that rollaway but the NHTSA wants to look into the issue to ensure that it is an isolate incident and not something that we could see more of. In addition to the complaint filed with the NHTSA, BMW reported to the feds that they had received complaints of similarly equipped models rolling when parked.

This investigation impacts BMW 7 Series models from 2002 to 2008, with about 120,000 total vehicles possibly affected by the issue. The report to the NHTSA included a BMW equipped with their electronic access and ignition system, mated to a paddle-shift system. The whole system is designed to automatically shift the car into Park when the engine is shut off, regardless of what gear it is in when it comes to a stop. The NHTSA will likely begin their investigation into whether this shifting system could be at fault for the rollaway incidents, although there was no indication as to what caused the vehicles that rolled away to do so.

If the NHTSA finds that there is some sort of electric or mechanical flaw in the electronic shifting system of the 2002-2008 BMW 7 Series, the German automaker could be forced to recall almost 120,000 versions of their high end sedan to address the issue. These investigations can often get to be very lengthy so it could be some time before we hear more on it but when more news becomes available – TorqueNews will bring it to you!

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Source: Reuters