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The new Kia RWD sport sedan debuts in pictures

When the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show opens next month, the world will be introduced to what could be the next era of Kia vehicles and today, we have our first look at the unnamed Kia rear wheel drive sport sedan that will drop in Germany.


The automotive world was informed recently that Kia would debut a “coupe like” sport sedan with a rear wheel drive configuration and as the Korean automaker has offered up a small group of images we have our first look at this new sport sedan. While we still don’t know anything about the interior or drivetrain of the new Kia RWD sport sedan, these images show that Kia could be heading in a very different direction with their future models.

While there are plenty of items that are not likely to make it to production like the side-view cameras in place of mirrors, the new Kia RWD sport sedan makes good on its promise of a coupe-shaped sport sedan. A massive wheelbase makes room for the four full sized doors and the fastback roofline plunges to the tail of the car to bolster that coupe look. The lack of a B-pillar gives the look of one long side window (like a coupe) and the trim panel running along the bottom of the cowl continues that coupe theme. Based on the location of the door handles, the concept will wear rear suicide doors to offer a vast opening to the cabin of the new Kia sport sedan while also adding a little flare. It is hard to tell from these images but the Kia RWD sport sedan looks to be the largest of the lineup – making for a proper flagship sedan.

Across the front end, we see the grille shape similar to the current Kia models but with aggressive styling along the outer edges of the front end, the location below the headlights looks more like a supercar than a Korean sedan. (Am I the only one who sees a little Aston Martin One-77 in the front end styling?) The long front end leaves lots of room for a big engine bay and with it, room for a big engine with a subtle heat vent on the passenger side adding to the sporty look.

Based on the pictures of the new Kia RWD sport sedan – this is truly a car like we have never seen from the likes of Kia. The exterior styling instantly brings to mind high end models like the Aston Martin One-77 and the Nissan GT-R. Kia has seen their popularity boom over the past few years and with a concept that legitimately draws cues from some of the most well known high dollar cars in the world, Kia could look to redefine how people look at this affordable Korean brand.

The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show opens on September 13th so in just under a month we will know more about this sleek new Kia RWD sport sedan. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at this new concept!

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