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Mazda CX-5 to debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

The Mazda CX-5 will showcase the brand's new design theme as well as its SKYACTIV efficient-drivetrain technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

Mazda will debut its CX-5 crossover in September at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Germany. The CX-5 will introduce Mazda's new design theme called 'KODO - Soul of Motion,' which will eventually spread across the entire Mazda lineup. The CX-5 will also be Mazda's first real-world application of its SKYACTIV engine technology that improves engine efficiency and reduces emissions.

The 2.0L SKYACTIV engine combines direct injection with a compression ratio of 14.0:1, the industry's highest for a gasoline engine, which will improve the efficiency of the engine while the knock-reducing properties of the direct injection will retain its reliability. The CX-5 will also be offered with a 2.2L SKYACTIV diesel engine, which, at the opposite end of the spectrum, will have the industry's lowest compression ratio for a diesel engine at the same 14.0:1. That will help the SKYACTIV diesel reduce NOx emissions to the point where urea injection and other exhaust after-treatments won't be necessary to comply with worldwide emissions regulations... meaning that Mazda shouldn't have any problems selling a diesel version of the CX-5 here in the United States.

The CX-5 will come in as Mazda's smallest crossover, a step down from the midsize CX-7 and two steps down from the full-size CX-9. It will be available in both manual and automatic transmissions, which have also received the SKYACTIV treatment: the manual transmission benefits from a lighter weight and lower internal friction, while the fascinating automatic transmission is a CVT, dual-clutch, and automatic transmission all wrapped into one, according to Mazda.

The Mazda CX-5 will appear alongside a facelifted Mazda3 at the Frankfurt Auto Show, which runs from September 13th through the 25th. No pricing details on the CX-5 or an official release date have been announced.