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Mercedes Benz recalls 137,000 M-Class SUVs for cruise control problems

Mercedes Benz is recalling 137,000 sport utility vehicles from the 2000-2004 model years over a cruise control problem that can prevent the system from disengaging the cruise control system when the brakes are applied.

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This Mercedes Benz cruise control recall applies specifically to standard M-Class SUVs built between 2000 and 2002 and AMG versions of the M-Class from 2000 through 2004. These vehicles offer three basic ways to disengage the cruise control system; by tapping the brake pedal, by holding the brake pedal until the vehicle has slowed by a given amount and finally by turning the system off on the control stalk.

In the 137,000 Mercedes SUVs being recalled, the brake pedal disengagement options may not kill the cruise control in a reasonable amount of time in certain circumstances. For example, when the driver is pumping the brake pedal, the cruise control system may not disengage from the set speed until the driver has applied a substantial amount of force to the pedal. It should be pointed out that when the brake pedal does not disengage the cruise control system, the steering stalk controls are still fully capable of turning the system off. Considering the fact that many highway cruisers use and expect the brake pedal method to cut the cruise control, this poses an obvious safety risk to those who expect their vehicles to stop and they continue to accelerate – ask Toyota owners.

The recall is expected to start in September 2011 at which point your local Mercedes Benz dealership will fix the problem free of charge. It is interesting to hear that Daimler is waiting so long to officially launch the recall process but if you own one of those 137,000 MB SUVs and you want more information right away, you can call 1-800-367-6372 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-367-6372      end_of_the_skype_highlighting to speak with a Mercedes customer service representative.

Source: NHTSA, CNNMoney

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