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Malcolm Zack's Stock-Powered Hellcat Challenger Runs a 10.39 Quarter Mile

Last month we brought you the story of Malcolm Zack, who drove his stock-powered Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat to a stock-powered Hellcat record when he ran a 10.47, but this past weekend, Zack broke his own record, laying down an awesome 10.39 at 135.58 miles per hour.


In case you missed it when we first discussed this Mopar muscle car last month, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat owner Malcolm Zack ran the quarter mile in just 10.47 seconds without any modifications which add power to the engine. Zack has 3.09 rear gears, sticky rear tires, skinny front tires and roughly 450 pounds of weight reduction, but this Challenger makes the same power at the crankshaft as it did on the day that it rolled off of the assembly line.

Mind you, Dodge has stated that with drag radials, a stock Hellcat Challenger runs a 10.80 quarter mile, but when Zack added 3.09 gears and skinny front tires while also cutting a bunch of weight, he was able to cut that time down to a stunning 10.47 a few weeks back. However, with better air, a stickier track and more practice, this Hellcat Challenger dipped into the 10.30s without any additional power.

The New Stock-Power Record
This past weekend, Malcolm Zack and his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat ran a 10.39 at 135.58 miles per hour at his home track, St Thomas Raceway in Canada. He ran that number with the exact same configuration that he used to run the 10.47 last month, but with better track prep and better air, he was able to cut that old record down to a 10.39. On that run, Malcolm and his Hellcat had a 1.5072 60 foot time and a 6.6922 8th mile at 107.13 miles per hour. No stock-power Hellcat Challenger or Charger has run the quarter mile quicker than that, making this the quickest stock-engine Hellcat car in the world.