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GM introduces the Chevrolet Camaro COPO Concept ahead of SEMA

Today, the folks at General Motors invited members of the media to attend a preview of their 2011 SEMA Show concept vehicles including the modified Camaros, Corvettes and Sonics that we brought you last week but after the GM execs were done talking about those concepts, the newest Camaro Concept roared to life in the form of the new Chevrolet Camaro COPO Concept.

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As we all arrived at today’s event just outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center, we were treated to a first look at the 2011 SEMA Show concept cars including the special Corvette designed to commemorate Ron Fellows’ induction into the Corvette Hall of Fame and the incredible new Camaro ZL1 Carbon Concept but amidst these high performance show cars was a massive shipping crate that offered nothing but a GM part number. P/N 20129562 was stamped on all sides of this large crate and a quick scan of the GM parts catalog brought up nothing but when the GM execs began handing out earplugs - we knew that it was going to be something good. After introduction to a handful of the performance oriented show cars that will make their public debut tomorrow when the SEMA Show opens, we were asked to turn our attention to the large crate and before a lovely young lady pulled open the huge door, the roar of an unmuffled American V8 shook the whole area. As the door was swung aside, a bright white Camaro with blue trim crept out of the crate and those of us who were lucky enough to attend today’s event were given our first look at the Chevrolet Camaro COPO Concept.

The Chevrolet Camaro COPO Concept is a factory built drag racing package, similar to what GM’s cross town rivals have introduced in the past few years with the Dodge Challenger 512 Drag Pak and the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. Like those other ready-to-race muscle cars, the Camaro COPO Concept is only fitted with the bare essentials needed for NHRA sanctioned super stock drag racing so while you won’t find items like an air conditioning system or a spare tire, you will find an NHRA approved roll cage, huge Hoosier racing slicks wrapped around lightweight race wheels and, most importantly, a race ready GM Performance Parts LSX crate engine topped by a Whipple supercharger and fitted with open headers.

Unfortunately, the stuffed shirts at GM haven’t filled us in as to how much power the Chevrolet Camaro COPO Concept puts out but we can be sure that this new Camaro drag race package will give the similar race packages from Ford and Dodge a run for their money. This vehicle is strictly a concept car right now but GM plans to spend this week talking to drag racers at the show to gauge their interest in a production offering of the new COPO Camaro. Considering that Ford and Dodge (or Mopar) have been very successful with their non-street legal drag racing packages, we would bet a dollar that in the near future Chevrolet drag racers will have a factory built super stock package of their own to battle the Viper V10-powered Mopar Challenger 512 Drag Pak and the Ford Mustang Cobra Jet.

Check out the gallery on the right by clicking any of the thumbnails for a look at the new Chevrolet Camaro COPO Concept and stay tuned to for continuing coverage from the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas!

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