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Fear not ‪Camaro‬ fans as this 2 tone ZL1‬ is just a computer glitch

A glitch in the build page for the 2014 Camaro which applies a horrendous two tone paint scheme to the fine lines of the bowtie-clad muscle car has gotten a great many Chevrolet fans upset but now that the website problem has seemingly been fixed – Camaro fans need not worry about the awful magenta/grey scheme shown above appearing on a dealership showroom floor.

When you visit the website and play around with the “build & price” feature for the 2014 Camaro (and the rest of the Chevy lineup), the program includes images of the car from a variety of angles and as you add options or change things about the car – like the exterior color, the trimline or the wheel package – the program refreshes the images to reflect those changes. However, a recent glitch in that program caused the image to only partially refresh and that created some scary renderings of the 2014 Camaro ZL1 in a two tone magenta/silver paint scheme that inspired an uproar from the Camaro enthusiast world.

There was supposedly even a dealership Facebook post claiming that someone had taken an order for a two tone magenta and silver Camaro similar to the one shown above.

This “official” look at the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 in a two tone magenta and silver scheme has the new super-Camaro wearing the striking new Deep Magenta exterior color on the front and rear fascia, the hood, the roof, the rear spoiler, the fuel door and the door handles while the rest of the car is the default Silver Ice Metallic color that is on the Camaro when you first enter the build page.

If you go to the build page for the 2014 Camaro right now and select Deep Magenta (which adds $395 to the price of the car), the entire car shown on the right side of the page magically turns Deep Magenta but for a short period last week only a few portions of the Camaro would change to Deep Magenta and as the image above from shows – a two tone Deep Magenta and Silver Ice Camaro ZL1 is not a handsome muscle car.

Fortunately, it seems as though the image above was nothing more than a software glitch (or an error by the folks who create the various build page images) so there probably isn’t going to be a Deep Magenta and Silver Ice 2014 Chevrolet Camaro on showrooms any time soon. Of course, opinions on the appearance of a car is subjective so there very well could be people who think that the Camaro shown above looks incredible but those folks will have to turn to their local custom shop if they want a two tone version of any 2014 Camaro outside of those models which come with an excess of black trim.

That being said, the handful of irate Camaro fans that lost sleep this weekend because the company might produce a color combination that they do not like should be able to rest easy tonight as that combination has been removed from the Chevrolet website.