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The Ferrari Enzo replacement could pack 920hp

The engineers at Ferrari are reportedly working on a new 7.3L V12 that will make an appearance in a variety of upcoming Italian supercars including the F70 - the model slated to replace the flagship Ferrari Enzo by the end of this calendar year complete with a hybrid drive system and a power output that could creep over the 900hp mark.

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It has been public knowledge (or at least the stuff internet rumors are made of) for some time now that Ferrari has been working on a new hypercar that would serve as the flagship super-Ferrari, atop all other road going models and appearing in the lineup where the Ferrari Enzo previously stood. Reports indicate that the new model could be called the F70 and the Ferrari F70 will be powered by a new 7.3L naturally aspirated V12 that will produce 800 horsepower. In addition to that new V12, the F70 is expected to include a 120 horsepower variant of the Italian supercar builders KERS hybrid drive system that would raise the total output to an incredible 920 horsepower. That KERS hybrid system would also allow F70 owners to travel emission-free when fuel economy is more important than high performance…while driving what could be one of the fastest street legal vehicles in the history of the automobile.

Ferrari engineers are reportedly aiming to have the new F70 (or whatever the production model is named) weigh roughly the same as the FXX race car, which tipped the scales at a meager 2,549lbs. This will be achieved by a chassis design that is comprised heavily of lightweight carbon fiber with the original inspiration for the F70 being the 2,200lb Ferrari Millechili Concept so, in theory, the F70 could conceivably weigh even less than the track only FXX.

Should the new Ferrari F70 reach production with 920 horsepower and a curb weight around 2,500lbs – it will likely set the global standard for the ultimate hypercar. Consider the fact that the current fastest car in the world is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which packs 1,184 horsepower but weighs a hefty 4,154lbs. That car is capable of reaching a top speed of 267.856 miles per hour with a power to weight ratio of 3.5 pounds per horsepower. The Ferrari F70 with 920hp and a curb weight of 2,500 pounds would have a power to weight ratio of just 2.7 pounds per horsepower so the Enzo replacement should be faster than the Bugatti Veyron SS. The key concern will come in the form of traction, where the Veyron offers an advanced 4 wheel drive system to put the power to the ground and those two tons of ballast help to keep the car from turning into an airplane at 260+ miles per hour. The Ferrari F70 will certainly have the power to reach those incredible speeds but with such a low curb weight, it will be interesting to see just how fast Ferrari can get their new hypercar moving without leaving the ground.

One thing is for sure – when the replacement for the legendary Ferrari Enzo hits the industry later this year, we can expect a high performance car that will likely set the standard by which every other supercar and hypercar will be judged.

Source: Automobile Magazine

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