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Check Out the Roush Mustang Lineup at the Woodward Dream Cruise

In addition to the hundreds of privately owned Ford Mustang coupes and convertibles lining Mustang Alley at this weekend’s Woodward Dream Cruise, Roush Performance will showcase their entire Mustang lineup – from the 300hp RS to the 670hp RS3.

While both General Motors and FCA have been talking about their Woodward displays for some time now, Ford Motor Company really hasn’t had much to say about their Dream Cruise plans. We can expect that 9 Mile Road at Woodward Ave in Ferndale will be packed with privately owned Ford Mustangs as part of the “Mustang Alley” display and immediately around Woodward, I expect to see a spread of new Ford vehicles – including plenty of Mustangs and trucks. Ford will likely also have a spread of fun things for kids to do with food, bounce houses, etc.

However, Mustang Alley won’t just be privately owned pony cars, a mobile showroom of new Ford products and a bunch of bounce houses. Today, I had a chance to speak with Mike Rey, Marketing Manager of Roush Performance, who explained that the company will have members of their team on hand to show off all four of the available Ford Mustang packages.

The Roush Mustangs
The newest lineup of Roush packages for the Ford Mustang is the most elaborate, with a package for each of the three engine options and two packages for the 5.0L V8.

The RS, RS1 and RS2 packages from Roush focus on styling, adding an aggressive body kit to the V6 (RS), EcoBoost (RS1) and GT (RS2) models. The car at the top of this article is the Roush Mustang RS with the V6 engine, so this is essentially a “base model” Roush Mustang with optional Roush wheels.

Now, while the core of the RS, RS1 and RS2 packages are appearance goodies, those folks buying the RS1 or RS2 can add performance modifications as well, including an active exhaust system and an adjustable suspension system.

Finally, Roush offers the RS3 package for the new Mustang GT, which includes all of the appearance items from the Mustang GT RS2, but the RS3 package adds big power and improved performance. The key feature of the Roush RS3 Mustang is the Roush 2.3L TVS supercharger, which lifts the output to 670 horsepower. The Mustang RS3 also includes a Roush exhaust system, a performance suspension setup, heavy duty half shafts, standard 20 inch wheels and plenty of unique badging.

Each of these new Roush Mustangs will be on display in the sprawling Ford section of the Woodward Dream Cruise. The Ford section runs along 9 Mile road on the east and west side of Woodward, but the majority of the vehicles are found on the east side of Woodward. The Roush display will be in a parking lot along the east stretch of 9 Mile and if it is anything like past years, there will be plenty of privately owned Roush Mustangs from the past decades on display as well.

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