New Hellcat toys for Christmas
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3 New Hellcat Challenger RCs, 2 New Hellcat Hot Wheels Arrive Before Christmas

If you are looking for a fun, affordable gift for the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat lover in your life – whether it is a little kid who loves toy cars or a grown man who wants a toy to replicate their full size car – there are a handful of new Hellcat toys on the market just in time for Christmas.

Over the past year or so, we have talked about quite a few toys based on the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. As the most powerful American production cars of all time, along with being the most powerful muscle car and the most powerful sedan in the world, the Hellcat twins have become the cars that hopeful owners dream about and the cars that owners rave about. All of that enthusiasm extends to the toy and collectable world, so every Hellcat toy to hit the market has been highly sought after, but there are a few new Hellcat toys hitting the shelves just in time for Christmas.

Two New Hellcat Hot Wheels
First up we have a pair of new Hellcat toys from Hot Wheels – one Charger and one Challenger (top left, above). The black Charger with the red and white Mopar graphics is the 4th Hellcat Charger from Hot Wheels, joining the in red, white or blue cars. The silver Hellcat Challenger with the black and red trim is also the 4th of that lineup, joining the red, blue and green Dodge Challenger SRT’s which debuted earlier.

These new Hellcat Hot Wheels are very fresh to the market, but they are arriving in stores (including Michigan area Walmarts) right now – and they will only cost you around a buck.

Three New RC Hellcats
If you are looking for a Hellcat toy that is a little bigger and a little more exciting, there are also three newer radio controlled Hellcat Challenger kits hitting the market right now – although one of the Hellcat cars isn’t radio controlled.

The RC set with a Hellcat Challenger which isn’t radio controlled comes from New Bright, who has put together an interesting 1:43rd scale package with a Ram 1500, an open car trailer and a Hellcat Challenger (bottom right, above). The Ram truck is radio controlled, but the Hellcat Challenger is not, so it is only powered by your child’s imagination and his or her little hands. You can find this kit at most big retailers for under $20.

Next we have a bright red 1/12th scale Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat radio controlled car, which is also from New Bright (bottom left, above). This is the biggest Hellcat toy I have seen (outside of the higher end radio controlled market), but if you want to get this big RC Challenger for your kid to play with, it won’t break the bank. This item costs between $30-40 at most big retailers.

Finally, the folks at Jada have offered up a new 1/24th scale RC version of their Big Time Muscle Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in dark blue (top right, above). I have never seen this kit in the US and I got the picture from a friend in Canada, so I am unsure what it costs or where you can buy it right now, but I would expect that it costs less than $25. This could be a Canada-only release, but we are likely to see something similar in the US market soon – just not in time for Christmas.

Hellcat toys are still sought after and fairly hard to find at stores, but with the growing number of options – finding a miniature Dodge Challenger or Charger with the Hellcat logo should continue to get easier.

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