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2019 Ford Mustang Prices Climb by a Small Margin

The 2019 Ford Mustang officially went on sale last month and it is already getting a price hike while the Chevrolet Camaro pricing is going down, although the Mustang’s hikes are nowhere near as dramatic as the Camaro’s price cuts.

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The Ford Mustang has dominated the muscle car sales charts for the past two years while the Chevrolet Camaro has seen record lows. As a result, Chevrolet has lowered the price of the Camaro for 2019, with some models starting $3,000 less than 2018, but Ford clearly isn’t worried about the competition’s pricing. According to CarsDirect, Ford’s reply to the Camaro price cuts is to raise the price of the 2019 Mustang – although the increases are fairly small.

Higher Destination Costs
The first price hike for the 2019 Ford Mustang applies to the entire lineup, as the destination charger has been increased from $900 to $995. Whether you are buying an EcoBoost, GT or Shelby model, this $95 increase is standard and unavoidable, but in the grand scheme of things, $95 is immaterial.

Pricier EcoBoost
The biggest price increases for the 2019 Ford Mustang focus on the EcoBoost models. The base EcoBoost fastback with the manual transmission starts at $27,115, up $370, but $95 of that is the increase in destination charges, so it is actually a price increase of $275. The same is true of the EcoBoost Premium fastback, which now starts at $32,130.

Adding the automatic transmission costs $1,595 and opting for the convertible top costs $5,500, but of which are unchanged and those figures apply to the Mustang GT as well.

No Change for the V8
Speaking of the 2019 Ford Mustang GT, the GT and Bullitt models remain unchanged from the previous pricing, but as we reported back in July, 2019 pricing was up by $165 across the board. The price hikes for the EcoBoost detailed above are new, whereas the difference between the 2018 and 2019 Mustang GT was announced when the new model year cars first went on sale.

Compared to the Camaro
With the pricing of the 2019 Camaro that we discussed last month, the Chevrolet has a dramatic advantage in price point at the entry level. The Camaro LS coupe starts at $25,995 whereas the Musatng EcoBoost fastback starts at $27,115, making it $1,120 cheaper to get into a Camaro.

However, when it comes to getting into a muscle car with V8 power, Ford still holds and advantage. The 2019 Mustang GT fastback with 460 horsepower starts at $36,350 while the 2019 Camaro 1SS with 455 horsepower starts at $37,995, so the stronger Mustang is $1,645 less.

It should be noted that with all of these prices, there could be differences in the standard features that make up for the differences, but looking just at the pricing, Chevrolet has the more affordable entry level package while Ford has the advantage in V8 pricing.

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