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2019 Ford Mustang GT: 3 Key Configurations Priced Out

Here is a look at the cost of the 2019 Ford Mustang GT fastback in 3 key performance-minded configurations, including a “bang for the buck” build for the automatic and manual transmission, as well as a build that loads on every possible go-fast option.


The 2019 Ford Mustang GT fastback has a great many options and packages that allow buyers to design their dream car. As a result, the price of the 5.0-liter-powered pony car can vary a great deal and that leads readers to ask a few common questions pertaining to price. Today, we address those questions with official pricing from the Ford website.

Common Pricing Questions
For a vehicle like the 2019 Ford Mustang GT fastback, there are three common pricing questions:
“How little can I spend to get the quickest version?”
“How little can I spend and get all of the key performance features?”
“How much does it cost when all loaded up?”

These three questions can all be answered pretty easily by visiting, but for those people who don’t like to go to the trouble of playing with a configurator tool, I have done the work for you.

In some cases, the answer to all three of those questions would be the same, but that is not the case for the 2019 Mustang GT because the best-performing car is technically one with the new Performance Pack 2. However, when we read about the blazing-fast 0-60 times for the new Mustang GT, those numbers generally relate to models with the new 10-speed automatic transmission while Performance Pack 2 is only offered with a manual transmission. As a result, the quickest new Mustang is different than one that offers all of the high performance options.

Buying the Quickest 2019 Mustang GT
To get the quickest 2019 Ford Mustang GT for the smallest price tag, we will start with a fastback in non-premium trim. There are plenty of “Free” colors and I would pick Velocity Blue, leading to a base price of $36,350. Adding the 10-speed automatic costs $1,595, the Active Valve Performance Exhaust system costs $895 and the GT Performance Pack costs $3,995, bringing the price to $42,835.

If you are mainly concerned with straight-line acceleration, you can get into the quickest 2019 Mustang GT for under $43,000 MSRP. If you want to improve the handling a bit as well as getting better launch grip, you can add the MagneRide suspension package for $1,695, but that requires the 301A popular equipment group, leading to a total increase of $3,695 and a total MSRP of $46,530.

Bang for the Buck
If you are considering a 2019 Ford Mustang GT and you don’t care so much about having the quickest car so much as you want to get as many performance features as possible for the lowest price, you can save yourself some money – provided that you can handle a manual transmission.

If we start with the same 2019 Mustang GT fastback non-premium model in Velocity Blue, it has the same $36,350 base price listed above. To get the best possible, all-around performance, you would want to add 301A, GT Performance Pack 2 and the Active Exhaust system, leading to an MSRP of $45,745.

Also, while they don’t add any performance, the Recaro seats provide better grip for the driver and passenger during stints of spirited driving and they cost $1,595, bringing the MSRP of this build to $47,340.

All Loaded Up
Finally, people ask me how much a 2019 Ford Mustang GT would be when it is loaded with every feature – performance and otherwise.

For the non-premium package, if we take the “Bang for the Buck” car and add the Enhanced Security package, the Ford Smart & Safe package and navigation, the MSRP rises to $49,530.

For the 2019 Mustang GT Premium, the base price with a “free color” is $40,350. When we add 401A, Performance Pack 2, Smart & Safe, Active Exhaust, leather Recaro front bucket seats and the premium B&O sound system, the MSRP is $53,435.


Josh (not verified)    July 10, 2018 - 1:02PM

I've love mustang and have bought a few in the past, but these prices have gotten out of control. People cant afford these cars anymore. The one I prefer to buy they quit making which was the 3.7l v6. And adding 10 speeds is is stupid. I'll buy them again when prices come back down for the normal people to buy and bring back the v6 line.

Richard Sinkhorn (not verified)    July 17, 2018 - 7:10AM

If you are buying a new Mustang GT and you are worrying about pricing then maybe you should be looking at something else. Not to be rude but most people are going to finance the car anyway so to get one with all the performance options alkyd dressed up nicely you alknddre only talking about few extra dollars a month. Which to have a car that's an eye catcher it's worth it.