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Which Is The Quietest Exhaust You Can Buy for a Dodge Charger

Today I was at LX Group on Facebook where Dodge Charger and Challenger owners were discussing what is the quietest exhaust for a 2012-2014 SRT Charger. Here are some interesting insights from the discussion.


Some Dodge Charger owners think the factory exhaust is going to be the quietest the Magnaflow or Flowmaster than Borla. Magnaflow can be the quietest exhaust you can buy. They also suggest to add some resonators. It'll take away the high notes and tame them down.

One user named Kevin M. Mosey, says he is pretty happy with his Flowmaster catback on his RT. "It's a pretty quiet rumble at idle, and just enough grunt when I'm on the gas. Drone is very mild as well. Full open throttle is the only time someone would hear ya from a distance away," Mosey writes.

Another owner, named Chris, says he has Corsa and a ProCharger and long tubes. He adds that he thinks it's too quiet for him.

Tim N Lisa Hendelman writes "If you think corsa is loud then anything else would be louder. Go back to stock if you want to be seen and not heard. I had Flowmaster, SLP, Dynomax , and Magnaflow. Now Corsa is what I'm running," he adds.

Another user, named Josh Josh writes "no muffler is going to be silenter then stock. Then add ProCharger and still look for science."

As you can see the opinions vary. What exhaust are you using for your Charger?

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