Nissan Leaf and tire replacement
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What Is The Tire Replacement Mileage for Nissan LEAF

After you drive your Nissan LEAF for certain amount of miles it's time to change tires, but when is the right time for the tire replacement for LEAF?

There is an interesting discussion in SF Bay Nissan LEAF Owners Group on Facebook where someone asks about the right time to change Nissan LEAF tires.

"How many miles driven before you change the tire? I always got tire warning only with 26,000 miles. The service guy asked me to change the tire," asks Eric in the group.

A group member, named Ben, responds that he is at 42,000 miles. "Still 1/2 tread left and I drive with Eco Mode OFF," he writes.

"What sort of tire warning? The Leaf has TPMS, but I'm not aware of any vehicle having a treadlife monitoring system. All tires slowly leak and need to be refilled occasionally, but that would be unrelated to wear.
The service tech could have recommended new tires for dozens of reasons. Commonly, punctures and sidewall damage," responds Thomas Crummett, who himself has contributed few Nissan LEAF stories to TorqueNews.

Is Mileage Good Indicator for Tire Change?

Mileage is NOT a very good criteria for deciding when to replace your tires, writes Marc. "It all depends on how you drive, and your tire pressure. Check the tread with a penny.... I've been keeping my tires around 40 psi ( higher than the recommended pressure is 36 psi). I think this and an easy going driving style is helping to extend the life of my tires," he concludes.

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To this Thomas replied and wrote "The odometer is rarely a good indicator of anything. Consider specifically a track vehicle. Pushed to the limits for a few hours puts far more strain on it in under 1000 miles than it would have normally seen on the street in 10k miles. Sure, this is an extreme example, but it really just highlights the fact that miles show nothing for condition nor habits. There is at least one Leaf with >100k miles on it and in better condition than most around 20k miles."

What do you think? What is the right time for Nissan LEAF's tire replacement?

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