Tesa 2018 Shareholder meeting live
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Tesla Shows a New Image of Model Y at The 2018 Annual Shareholder Meeting

Here you can watch the live recording of Tesla's 2018 annual shareholder meeting in which Tesla showed a new image of model Y. Lots of investor eyes, Tesla owner eyes and Model 3 reservation holder eyes were on CEO Elon Musk who faced scrutiny at the shareholder meeting.

Watch the 2018 Tesla Shareholder Meeting here. The founder and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk may possibly lose his role in the company after the meeting with the investors.

According to RT despite the loud statements Tesla has not reached self-sufficiency. Shareholders year after year closed their eyes to all problems, but now the threat of bankruptcy forces them to take action. They, led by CtW Investment Group, believe that this is the right time for Tesla to change its leadership. The first most important question in their mind is can Tesla avoid running out of cache.

Another issue is the problem with Model 3 deliveries. Tesla collected hundreds of thousands of pre-orders for the Model 3 electric vehicle, but according to Techspot 23% of customers demanded an advance payment back.

This could be a serious problem for the company, as more than a third of Tesla's money was customer deposits, mainly for Model 3. Tesla is now paying more quickly than new deposits on Model 3.

Image by Alex Guberman of E for Electric who is at the Tesla Shareholder's Meeting and reporting live from there.

Tesla just showed a new image of Model Y at the shareholder meeting.

new image of tesla model y

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CtW Investment Group says the current board of Tesla is an "obstacle" for Tesla reaching its goals.
Tesla board is proposing to vote against the stockholder proposal.
There is a serious crisis of leadership in Tesla. Shareholders want a little insurance of proxy access.
Elon to make a presentation soon. Questions and Answers sessions will start soon and Elon will present the business outlook of Tesla.
Elon says he is really proud of Tesla team. At Tesla they make their cars "with love." He said "there is no soul" in other companies. How do you know about it?
Despite a lot of difficulties they are making 3,500 cars per week. Elon: "it's quite likely that we will achieve 5,000 cars per week at the end of this month.
End of the year 35,000 dollar model car is possibly coming.
Elon is addressing the issue of safer employment environment and Tesla has significantly reduced the employee injury rate reaching 6 percent below the industry average. He says he really cares about this issue.
Tesla has almost 10,000 superchargers worldwise. Next gen superchargers are coming. They are mostly finished in design and going to production soon. Announcement is hopefully this year.
Batter production is improving. They will produce the most amount of batteries. It takes at least 2 hours to walk through the Gigafactory.
Elon is making a lot of interesting announcements, but he seems to be visibly sad. Is this his usual style?