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Tesla's High Speed Signal: Model 3 Caught on High Speed Video Test

In this unspecified video a Tesla Model 3 is caught on a high speed test on a speed track. What do you think is the purpose?

A Twitter user 24wheel_news shared a short video, in which it shows a Tesla Model 3 driving fast on a high speed test. The location of this test is unspecified. The speedway is fenced. The length of the video is only 10 seconds.

It shows what appears a black colored Tesla Model 3 with its lights on coming from the left side and moving fast toward the right. Here is the tweet embedded below.

Looks like the video is taken by a Facebook user Pablo Calvez, who also posted it on a Tesla Group on Facebook with a writing "Tesla Model 3 on the test track... full speed launch. Looks fast!"

Of course, Tesla has a big day tonight, getting ready for the handover party for the first 30 Model 3 reservation holders, which will be live streamed on Tesla's website at 8:45PM PST time.

This video could have been shot at Tesla's Fremont test track and who knows may be a part of presentation that Tesla will show tonight at the handover party. Let's wait and see. I think Tesla is going to send a signal that Model 3 can be high speed and EVs are not the slow cars which many people imagine.

Don't Expect Model 3 EPA Data Yet

Tesla's Official Model 3 EPA Efficiency Data Will Be One Month Late - Tesla will launch its Model 3 on Friday, July 28th without official EPA energy efficiency data. Like many aspects of Telsa's vehicle launches, the energy efficiency data is an afterthought to be handled when time permits, rather before the cars start to be sold to private owners.