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Tesla Model 3 Available for Rent in Florida and The Price is High

You can now rent a Tesla Model 3 in Florida, listed by Turo car rental, but the price is pretty high for its category.

Today it costs 166 dollars per day to rent a Tesla Model 3 in Florida. Interestingly, a preferential treatment is given to Tesla Model 3 reservation holders.

A current Model 3 owner in Lehigh Acres, FL has listed his Model 3on a car rental marketplace Turo. Despite its high price of 166 dollars per day the car is not is listed on Turo as "disabled." According to Turo this means that the car is not available for an extended or unknown period of time.

To me this is not surprising. Out of nearly half a million Model 3 reservation holders how many would pay a $166 per day to test drive a car for which they have put forward a prepayment for the car that is just now entering the production. In fact, at some point it was not uncommon where Tesla Model 3 owners, tired of waiting and tempted by the lower prices of Model S would turn in their Model 3 reservation for a Model S.

This rental option could give thousands of Model 3 reservation holders an opportunity to test and see what their new EV could possibly be and feel like.

Here is the description of this Model 3 rental.

I will be temporarily renting out my Tesla Model 3 prior to moving to another city. I wanted to give a luxury experience with my vehicle to prospective clients who have placed their reservation for the Tesla Model 3 and give them an idea of what their vehicle could possibly be. 0-60 MPH in 5.1. Range per charge is 310 Miles. Vehicle has been delivered recently and has ceramic coated with gun metal wheels and chrome delete. 3M tinted windows for less heat penetration as the summer months in Florida are pretty brutal. Full panorama glass window for the best lighting experience paired with ambient lighting on the interior for dimmed night display. I would like responsible customers using my vehicle in the meantime while enjoying a rare chance at taking home the Model 3. Please also understand that AutoPilot is not activated at this time to reduce any errors while driving as we all still maintain a Class E license and self driving is not yet available. Orientation of vehicle is also available. I am certain you will enjoy it!

The owner also writes that "as a safe guard, vehicle performance will be monitored so no excessive speeding is happening. I would also appreciate parking away from other vehicle and watching for curbs. I love pets but for the sake of other users who may suffer from allergies, pets are not allowed. No smoking, food in vehicle also. This is an opportunity to see what the next wave of vehicles are prior to receiving your Model 3 :). Also no need to wash the vehicle."

Some early Tesla Model 3 owners were quick to learn how to make money from their Model 3. Tesla recently fired Model 3 plant workers apparently being frustrated by slow production, but according to Fortune the production problems of the Model 3 were tied to suppliers.


arthur4563 (not verified)    October 18, 2017 - 9:13AM

Obviously their customers will be renting it for one day only - to see what the car they are waiting for is like.
Hey, folks : it's a car, you know, like what we have been driving for the past 50 years. Only difference is the drivetrain.
"Zero emission vehicle?" Tesla's are powered mostly by coal and natural gas.
Unfortunately, you buy into Tesla, you buy into "dealer only" prison, and a car so complicated that any owner will feel
unable to repair. THAT is the sin of Tesla Motors- they have destroyed the intrinsic value of an electric vehices: simplicity and ease of repair and little maintenance. Tesla Motors "maintenance updates" are not cheap and likely are required to maintain the warranty, and cannot be done by anyone else. I'm not buying into any of this - I'm converting my 1957 Thunderbird to electric myself, using the new Toshiba batteries, which are better than anything Tesla has, by a long shot.

Rafael (not verified)    February 14, 2018 - 12:12PM

In reply to by arthur4563 (not verified)

* It's not like cars of the past 50 years
* It is not powered by coal and natural gas. And even it it were (which it's not), there so few components when compared to I.C.E. cars that it negates that argument. Again, it is not.
* No prison. What you said in terms of maintenance is completely wrong. It is not mandatory, and you can do most things yourself.
* Your T-bird will be garbage.

John Adkison (not verified)    October 20, 2017 - 4:22PM

Watch for Turo's insurance! I used to rent out my vehicles when it was RelayRides, one of them was in an accident. The vehicle was repaired, but it was still worth thousands less after the accident and they don't provide anything for the diminished market value. Unless you get real lucky with the renters, this could take away all that you get out of the program. I took my case to small claims court and won, but they never paid a dime.