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I turned in my Model 3 reservation today for a Tesla Model S 75D, PUP and Autopilot order

There is so much excitement around the Tesla Model 3 and anticipation for it that we forget that there is another trend too. I have already heard number of stories that people turned in their Model 3 reservation for Tesla Model S. One of them is this story.


Last year when Tesla faced with nearly half a million Model 3 preorders it introduced the less pricey Model S 60 with fewer goodies giving the EV enthusiasts a choice between Model 3 and Model S 60. But it looked like the trend then was that many Model 3 owners preferred to wait and not take the Model S 60 offer. Then in March 2017 Tesla dropped the the Model S 60 and 60D from its lineup to possibly make way for the upcoming Model 3.

But it looks like some people either tired of waiting for the Model 3 delivery, or wanting something bigger would like to turn in their Model 3 reservation for a Model S vehicle.

Few days ago I read one status, quoted below, about a person, who wrote that he turned in his Model 3 reservation on that day for a S 75D, PUP, Autopilot order.

User XtopherP33 wrote this on Reddit Tesla discussion.

I was always one who wanted at the bare minimum, a 3D with the largest battery I could get, PUP, and Autopilot. Once I saw the performance numbers, I knew I also would want the P when that was a thing. I think a safe estimate for that will be $70-75k. Throw in the year and a half wait meaning I lease something for 24 months to get me to the delivery date (12-15k out of pocket for that), and I'm now really close to the S 75D. Couple that with the fact that I've got a gut feeling the P3D-LR will probably do 3 or 3.33 in the 0-60 (because marketing synergy and the ability to tune by software), it just seemed like a good call to get into my dream car now as the extra 1 sec in 0-60 isn't worth losing the more premium items in the S vs. the 3 IMO.


1: Are the factory wheels necessary for things like auto-park, or anything else, to function properly? If not I'll probably rather spend the $4500 I have in my build in aftermarket just to be a bit more unique. (Something that matters an inordinate amount to me, sadly)

2: Do any of you all have experience with just blacking out the chrome elements? If so, could you provide costs you've experienced? I'm going to do research after I get the car, but figured worth taking a straw-poll.

Another user wrote back and replied this.

1. No. the Tesla rims are not required for AP or anything specific to work properly. I'd love to find some light weight 19" rims for myself. I think the new ford gt has carbon fiber wheels.

2. Not yet, I'm still waiting for my 75D to be delivered but this is something I am looking into now as well. I ordered an all black ms and too want to perform a chrome delete in it and have heard of many shops mentioning chrome delete but no one says how much or how? Is it vinyl wrap, paint, peelable latex? I am considering plasti-dipping my stock wheels to a glossy black myself and when doing so am thinking of plasti-dipping my chrome myself the same way. Should be safe because it's non permanent and just adds a layer of protection as it can be peeled off later. I just need to find the best sprays that we'll best match the gloss black panels on my ms like the b pillar is what I'm looking to match. Let me know what you find.

I wonder how many Tesla Model 3 reservation holders are tired for waiting and will turn in their reservation for a Model S or even the new 2018 NIssan Leaf, which is quite impressive, despite having only 150 miles of range per charge. It's still good for average daily city and short-distance out of town driving, but does it do enough to remain competitive?