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Tesla Doesn't Transfer Model 3 Reservations Between Countries

A tweet from a Tesla representative shows the automaker will not transfer reservation from one country to another.

Let's say you made a Tesla Model 3 reservation in India last year and are waiting to have your Model 3 delivered to your door in few months. Now, imagine you are offered a job in the United Kingdom and you are moving to UK. You hope that Tesla now can deliver your Model 3 to UK right? Apparently this is not the case.

This is what happened to a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder in India, which tweets under the user name Arvind M.

Arvind shared a tweet in which he showed the screenshot from a Tesla letter. In that letter a Tesla officer from the company's European office wrote that Tesla does not transfer Model 3 reservations between countries. The person writing the letter is Tesla's European Inside Sales Advisor based in Amsterdam. The sales advisor also added that one needs to Arvind needs to cancel his reservation in india and create a new one in the UK.

"Production queues are regional," Tesla's sale's advisor commented adding the note and apologizing for the inconvenience.

Here is that tweet embedded below.

This doesn't seem to be fair does it? What if you are offered a job in a different country? What if you must move to another country and you are forced to move. Why can't Tesla transfer a Model 3 reservation, a car reservation that is yet to be produced? If this is the case people who have made a Model 3 reservation and need to move from one country to another, have to wait at least several more months or a year to get their car, which already turns out to be very expensive if you want some goodies that Tesla has in its Model S like autopilot or automatic adjustment of front seats.