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Rumor Says Tesla To Send One Model 3 To Each Showroom In Following Priority

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders hope and expect that they will have an opportunity to test driver their EVs before completing their orders. And there is a rumor that Tesla will soon have one Model 3 vehicle in each showroom with the following details.

This rumor is not confirmed, but there is an active discussion on Tesla's website about the Model 3 owners having an opportunity to test drive their vehicles before completing their orders.

It comes from a user Tao Jones, who writes the following.

"Rumor has it they'll push 1 Model 3 to each showroom in descending order of pre-order density (and regional delivery priority). Whether that happens in time for prospective owners to test drive before clicking "OK/Commit" is an open question.

"Presumably, existing owners with reservations get priority (there aren't very many existing owners with M3 reservations, relatively speaking), but after that, reservation holders in general might find themselves in a bit of a free for all.

"I already feel badly for the showroom teams. And of course agree that a test drive is going to be a make or break experience for many of us. Although a well-done VR and AR experience would go a VERY long way. Hint, hint, Tesla senior management. Show me the inside of the car and people of various shapes and sizes in the car (and what they see while therein), and that could be enough at least to place the order and follow up with a confirmatory test drive thereafter," he writes.

I don't know how true this rumor is, but it does make sense. If Tesla Model 3 production is going to increase exponentially it would make good sense to have at least one vehicle available in each showroom for people to see it closely and for the reservation holders to be able to test drive before confirming their orders.

In the meantime if you go to Tesla's website there is a form you can fill for test-driving opportunity, but it doesn't specify which model.

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Stanley (not verified)    July 19, 2017 - 12:00PM

Yeah. Always nice to be able to actually DRIVE a vehicle before forking over $35k - no - make that about $45k.

Model 3 "production" will increase "exponentially" according to Musk, so what's the problem? They should have display and test drive vehicles everywhere in a month or so, right?

The problem is that there is NO production going on right now. There is hand assembly of pseudo-Beta vehicles that will never get into the hands of outside customers.

20,000 Model 3's in December? Don't hold your breath. Get ready for an assortment of production delay excuses.