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One Surprising Verdict After Test Driving 2016 2SS Chevy Camaro

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at the 2016 2SS Chevrolet Camaro? At least two people in one discussion said for them it looks like Ford Mustang. Do you agree? Here is David R. Letendre from Huntsville, AL sharing his view in Camaro 5th Generation Facebook group.

I just test drove 2016 2SS Auto. It was a nice drive, but have to get used to body style. The interior is beautiful. I have a modified LS,3 which sounds much better and probably still is a bit quicker. I am waiting for dealer to get a 6 speed. Mine is lowered 1.25", so I found the ride height to be higher than I like. Ok, I am nit picking. Nice ride, but it really does look too much like a Ford Mustang. Recipe was lost in body style after 2013 model IMHO.

Now 47 group members liked David's post, meaning they generally agree with his assessment. But here are some replies from other group members who both agree and disagree.

Jill Brantley
To me the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS is so "dressy" looking. Am I the only one who feels that way?! It's gorgeous, just more dressy than sporty!

Matt Sanders
Kinda looks a little Mustang like from that angle. Don't get me wrong the 2016 Chevy Camaros are sweet looking more inside than out and growing on me. Different colors really bring out the body lines. I am a huge fan of the 69 Camaro and think the 5th gen is far more of a representation of the first gen. (Here is the end of the era for 5th Gen Camaro)

Glenn Coates
Straight out of the box they are running high 11s which blows the 5th Gen out of the water straight out of the box.. The fastest to date is 10.6 on a 150 shot which is insane with little to no mods! I had a 2010 with heads, cam, headers and borla catback and it wasn't even close to the numbers being put out by the 6th Gen Camaro. I read one post that said it dyno 430 to the wheels thru the auto. (Watch how the 2016 Camaro SS makes impressive power on the Dyno)

Matt Sanders
Most definitely straight up all around more bang for the buck outta the box. I know they'll grow on me I'm just in mine too deep to change now maybe someday when these have been out for a while

Glenn Coates
I ended up selling mine and now I am back in a 4th Gen. I sure do miss the creature comforts of the 5th Gen Chevrole Camaro, but I don't miss that payment lol.

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peggy l mullins (not verified)    July 14, 2019 - 4:13AM

i like the knew look nothing will ever beat my 69 z28 327 with slap stick looooved that car sadly let a friend drive and he flew it over the top of a trailer. but i am thinking on getting this knew one for my son he has never let me live the 69 down he aways said that would be his car he was only 3 when it was totaled.dont think he will ever let that go he is 33 now lmao