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New Video Shows Tesla Model 3 Slightly Passing Through Highway

You can't amaze anyone by showing a Tesla Model 3 videos or new sightings as this widely anticipated EV is already being seen more and more on the roads of California. Here is another nice tweet video showing a Tesla Model 3 passing through the highway.

A Twitter user Alexander Price shared this tweet, which he filmed in California. Alexander's account says he is from San Franciso. Since Tesla Motors' headquarters in Fremont are not too far from San Franciso I assume this video is taken somewhere between Fremont and San Francisco.

Price says it's a drive by sighting of Tesla Model 3 and it looks good. Indeed, it does look good.

See how smoothly the Model 3 passes Price's car. After it passes Price, it seems that Price had to accelerate a little bit, judging from the sound, to keep up with the Tesla Model 3. It's a nice drive.

Recently we have seen several sightings of Model 3.

Here are some rare interior pictures of Tesla Model 3, which show a somewhat tight legroom in the back seat. I don't think there is anything left to reveal about the interior except the trunk.

This unique image of Tesla Model 3 shows a very finished console. Teslarati forum moderator, named Gene, who shared these Model 3 images in the forum for discussion made four good observations, which you can read in the article.

And here is a nice video, showing two Tesla Model 3 vehicles driving on the streets of San Francisco. More and more Tesla Model 3 cars are being spotted in the wild.

What are some of the things you think the reservation holders don't know and would love to know about Model 3 before completing their order? I know what of the things is the desire to test drive the car before completing the order. Here is a story about that, which you can read here.