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Image of Tesla Model 3 Sighting Shows A Very Finished Center Console

Yesterday a Teslarati App user spotted this Tesla Model 3 charging near the company's headquarters revealing several good photos. Here are four observations, including the one about the finished interior.

Teslarati forum moderator, named Gene, who shared these Model 3 images in the forum for discussion made four good observations. Here are some of his notes.

First, he notes that these Model 3 pictures don't show "Release Candidate" number affixed tot he vehicle's rear window. 2nd is the parking sensors are throughout the car. The third observation is about the Tesla Model 3's center console, which he notes, is very finished. I agree with it. Also he wrote that "there appears to be either a rubber bumper or rivet beneath the door handle (thoughts?)."

Thoughts on these observations? Images can be seen in this tweet.

Tesla Model 3's door handles have been at the center of a lot of attention and it's nice to see someone figuring it out right away.

As I follow the chatter in forums and group discussions many reservation holders discuss the interior color options and hope for white or gray interior color options. But others say currently there will be only black and white options for the interior, not gray.

Next week we will know if the steering wheel may have a some type of "touch pad." That will allow a different and interesting way of interacting with Model 3.

Overall we have already seen many pictures and videos of how Tesla Model 3 looks like. What we need now is if you happen to take more pictures, it would be great to see images of battery sticker, VIN number, screen and more of the interior and the trunk.

By the way. There is a discussion in the Tesla forum that the company will soon send one Model 3 to each showroom as reservation holders would like to test drive it before completing their order.