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New Use for Tesla Model S Summon When Cleaning Your Car

While Tesla is continuing to improve its self-driving technology, people are finding amazing ways on how to use Summon feature on their Tesla Model S cars. Here is one very handy and useful way to use the Summon feature on your Tesla when you clean your electric car.

Here is how to use Summon when cleaning your Rims. When cleaning your Tesla Model S rims you can use Summon to rotate the rims 1/2 turn. This will help you to visualize the other side of the rims. It's hard to do from the driver's seat. This is very simple, handy and useful.

I saw this tip shared in one of the Tesla forums, which was called "brilliant," by group users. Another person reacted to this tip saying he will "absolutely do that."

Tesla introduced the first iteration of Summon in January of 2016. Since then Model S drivers were coming up with various creatives ways on how to use Tesla Summon in parking, in garage and now when cleaning your car's rims.

The company came up with several software updates in the Fall of 2015 where its Version 7.0 software introduced a number of Autopilot and convenience features giving the Tesla drivers more confidence and flexibility. It also aims to increase the safety.

In May 2016 Tesla released a new software version for drivers to confirm the direction of the Auto Summon feature in an effort to prevent accidents. This update forces the driver to confirm auto summon. It is impossible to accidentally start the feature and get out of your vehicle similar to the situation in Utah if you have to confirm the direction of travel after pressing the park button twice to initiate auto summon.

Also, here is a cool video showing how to use Tesla Summon to auto park your Model S in a garage with a narrow door.

Have you found interesting and unique uses of Summon feature? How do you use Tesla's Summon in your driving experience? Feel free to share you tips and stories in the comments' section.