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Look At This Lifted Mazda Miata With Solid Frame: Thoughts?

What do you think about Mazda Miatas that are lifted? Personally, I think some look good, others not much, but what about this one?

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Sai Her, a Mazda Miata enthusiast from California took this picture in a parking lot and graciously shared it with TorqueNews readers. Here are some of the only details we know about this lifted Miata.

"I just saw this Mazda Miata at a parking lot. I don't know much about it or who owns it. I did peak underneath the car to see how the person did that and I saw it has a full solid frame underneath it. So its probably custom made. It looks nice though."

I think it does. But in my opinion: too much personal disposable income.

Some people say people have been doing this for decades and that we shouldn't be shocked or bitter now. We shouldn't envy if someonehas a $6K disposable income. It's their choice. Although that money could have been used to feed the few of the 900 million people in the world who go hungry each day.

Also they ruined the original Miata, if you agree.

Sai, who owned an Rx8 and got a Miata after driving the first generation model, tells TorqueNews that lifting this Miata probably costs $15,000. It's an expensive project for sure.

Mazda has a car philosophy, writes Sai. "It's the light weight, nimble, great handline and an absolute blast to dirve and that's what the Miata is," he adds. We don't know ho much of that is left in this lifted Miata thought. By the way big changes are planned for US Mazda dealerships that are coming very soon.

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DOUGLAS MAYFIELD (not verified)    July 20, 2021 - 12:23AM

Hi thanks for posting! This is my dad's car that he built himself! He's retired so wanted to take on a fun and challenging project. This is something he had always wanted to do. Because he built it himself the cost was just over 7k. Not too bad!