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Big Changes Planned For U.S. Mazda Dealerships

Mazda has plans (literally) to change Mazda dealerships in the U.S.

Stand-alone Mazda dealerships in the U.S. market are in for some big changes. Mazda literally has "plans" to make these changes over the coming years with the help of ChangeUp Incorporated. The new plan encompasses the long-term design goal for all active exclusive Mazda dealerships.

Automakers prefer that the dealerships they rely upon to sell and inventory their products all have one common design theme. Lexus spent a decade aligning its dealerships look and "feel" recently as did Cadillac and many other brands. As Masahiro Moro, president, and CEO of Mazda North American Operations explains it, the Mazda dealership is the face of the brand in many ways. Moro said in a statement recently, “The dealership is, in many cases, the only place where our customers interact with the brand on a consistent basis. As Mazda continues to evolve—from our vehicles, to our employee workforce—the dealership experience is an important area of focus in making sure that our customers have a great experience with Mazda, in a way that remains consistent across our brand.”

The new Mazda dealer design theme will be managed by ChangeUp’s Orange County, California office. ChangeUp will partner with Mazda on all aspects of the design and implementation phases. Th Mazda dealership management team will also be a key contributor to the process. ChangeUp will coordinate plot plans and floor plans to ensure that all of the team members' requirements are incorporated into the dealership design. After approval by Mazda, ChangeUp will assist in all key phases the design process.

“We are creating a new and highly collaborative path forward that will yield outstanding results,” said Lee Carpenter, CEO and partner of ChangeUp, Inc. “We are confident that our partnership will help create dynamic dealerships that connect and engage consumers with the Mazda brand, while achieving an even higher level of efficiency and effectiveness.”