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How to Make Your Cell Phone Fit in the Tesla Model 3

Do you know why your smartphone doesn't fit in your Tesla Model 3? Here is a little video presentation on how to fit your cell phone in your Model 3.


The new Tesla Model 3 has designed the perfect location for your cell phone, actually two cell phones, right below the main screen tilted at the perfect angle for you to see with charging cables built in. They couldn’t have designed it any better, well maybe. The problem is that if you have a normal protective case on your phone it won’t fit into the charging pin.

The problem is that the charging pin is too close to the base and won’t bend up a little to allow you to easily or at all plug your phone in. The solution is to simply remove a plastic cover that holds the charging pin in place. Luckily the console cover hides the fact that you remove this cover.

Here is a video I have made showing you how to remove the plastic cover and fit your smart phone in your Model 3.

I receive my Tesla Model 3 last month, exactly 11 days short of two years from the infamous March 31st , 2016 Model 3 deposit date. I still remember waking up early on that day, driving over an hour to the closest Tesla store, getting there 2 hours prior to opening expecting to be the first in line.

Well, I was like 24th in line. 2 hours later there must have been 300 people waiting. People would walk by totally not understanding what this was all about. As Alex Guberman recently wrote about, it was the auto industries iPhone moment, but one better. Can you imagine people putting out $1000 for the iPhone 12 today that will come out in 2 years?

Well that day is finally here and I traded in my Model S for the coolest new car. I’ve owned a 911, SLK AMG, SL 550, M3 (BMW), GT VR4 and I have to say the Model 3 is totally revolutionary. I’m a programmer and technology nut, so I’m more impressed with technology and the Tesla’s, especially the Model 3, has set a new bar that the whole industry has to catch up with. The hidden sauce is that all the controls, cameras, motors, buttons, everything is tied into a computer that is on the internet – it’s the Internet of Car Things!

As a perfect example, this weekend I received the 2018.12.1 software update and my right nipple wheel on the steering wheel now allows me to adjust my speed and following distance. Does your car get updated every month with new features?

Ever since I received my Model 3 on March 20th I’ve been publishing a video about what I’ve learned about the car. My goal is to do it for a whole year, only 307 days to go. If you have any questions about the car, please comment on my channel, I’m going to need ideas to make it a full year!