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How To Connect Your Phone to 2014 Dodge Dart and Get Messages

I was reading a forum discussion and saw several people having issues in connecting their smartphones to their Dodge Dart. Here is what Mopar owners recommend.


Some owners report they didn't have any difficulties connecting their phones through Uconnect, but simply sync the phone. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth. If this doesn't work, try the following.

Try to look up and press the assist button on your mirror. There will pop up 3 options on your touchscreen. Press the Uconnect Care button. There will be a person come on there that will talk you through it. That is basically your live owners manual.

Here is a support video from Dodge.

Using Your Voice to Pair Your Phone

If that doesn't work you can make a quick trip to your dealership and talk to them. I am sure they will assist you. They can probably do this on the phone too. If the salesman you used doesn't want to help you then talk to the manager. If that doesn't work then call Dodge Corporate Customer Care line.

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