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Canadian Reservations Open for 2018 Nissan Leaf and No Deposit Required

Nissan Canada just opened the reservations page for the 2018 Nissan Leaf and unlike Tesla Model 3 no deposit is required.

Now you can explore the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf featuring Nissan Pro-Pilot and reserve your model today, reads the website of Nissan Canada. I didn't see the U.S. reservations page open yet, but looks like Canadian EV enthusiasts can now reserve their 2018 Leafs without making a deposit unlike Tesla Model 3 reservations.

According to the reservation page the starting price of the 2018 Nissan Leaf is $35,998 dollars (I assume Canadian because on the picture a U.S. model is shown). It also offers $14,000 in provincial incentives. For example, in British Columbia, the $5K incentive will bring the base price down to $31K.

In order to be the first to experience the 2018 Leaf you just need to sign up and receive an email from an EV-certified dealer to reserve your vehicle on the day of signing up. The sign up process is that simple. It only requires your name, email, your postal code and then gives you the option of selecting an EV-certified dealer per your postal code.

As I am reading a discussion about the new Leaf reservations in the Canada Nissan Leaf Owners' group on Facebook I see some mixed reactions from current Leaf owners and EV enthusiasts.

One person says he will wait for demos coming up for sale on the 2019's though. He says he currently drives a 2011 Leaf and it will have to do until then. But he writes he still doesn't see charging infrastructure in place or anywhere near being considered near his location.

I think with current charging infrastructure things may become little congested. In fact, with the coming of Model 3, Tesla superchargers are already overcrowded. This issue needs to be quickly addressed with the coming of more EVs.I think by now no one has doubts that electric cars will become more popular and lead the future of driving.

People also want to see some special treatment for brand loyalty.

"I am waiting to see if LEAF 1 owners get any special treatment for brand loyalty. Such as some guaranteed trade-in value for their existing LEAF 1 vehicles. Would be great if they do something for the early crowd who carried the LEAF torch for so long," writes one current Leaf owner.

I like the new Leaf and am excited about it. I am just little disappointed with the mileage. I was hoping it would make at least 200 miles per charge. These days, looking to the future, it seems to me that anything below 200 miles doesn't make the cut. What do you think?


Jason (not verified)    September 6, 2017 - 6:30PM

To me 200-300 km's of highway range would be the sweet spot so this might fit OK, although less range demands more infrastructure. Price is maybe a little high in Canada but the SV is very nicely equipped here and there were complaints about the lack of incentives for the Bolt EV so maybe the higher price is to support better discounts. Some of the details are disappointing though, 6.6kW AC and 50 kW DC charging is not exactly impressive these days (was hoping for up to 10kW AC and 100kW DC) and I'm reading battery thermal management is still air, not liquid. Plus software updates will be at dealerships, not over-the-air. ProPilot Assist will be a compelling feature though, especially for those who refused to buy a Bolt EV due to lack of adaptive cruise control.