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The Beautiful Hostesses of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show

Auto shows are not only about cars, but also about the beautiful hostesses and models that present them during the show. France Soir has complied a very interesting slideshow of the most beautiful hostesses of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

It's all about brand visibility. Car companies and their designers spend a lot of efforts to make their brands more visible than their competitors'. The 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show is not an exception and a number of auto companies have invited beautiful models to host their pavilions and stands. They understand that beauty attracts attention and hire pretty girls for their stands to attract shoppers. This works.

People are attracted not only to beautiful cars, but also the little extra beauty that comes with them on the auto show stands. This technique is used by many large auto manufacturers.

The Frankfurt Auto Show is very important for the automotive industry. And the big brands do the best to attract as many viewers and media attention as they can. The beautiful hostesses bring a certain level of elegance to the cars presented during the motor shows.

Innovation is also at Frankfurt during September 15 to 25 of 2011. It's cars, innovation, on-board computers connecting to entertainment and phones as well as beautiful models hosting the stands. France Soir has prepared an interesting slideshow titled the Hostesses of Frankfurt Auto Show. The accompanying image is just a little screenshot from the website, showing an Italian hostess next to Ferrari Spider.

Considering the growing number of female shoppers at the car shows, one just wonders: what if the car companies also had male models at their stands? That could have changed a lot of dynamics there.

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