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Jaguar at Play an Ad That Can Go Viral (VIDEO)

Jaguar is releasing its Jaguar at Play TV ad this evening, which some think may go viral.


If you like watching sports, tune into the NFL Network this evening to watch Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks game. How is this related to Jaguar? The television ad, named Jaguar at Play, will rung during the commercial time.

Three Jaguar vehicles are featured in the ad. The supremely agile XJ, the remarkably powerful XF and fiercly independent XK.

The ad starts in an undisclosed location, which looks like a jungle or a forest. The cars are quickly introduced and start running one after another in a fast speed coming to a large parking lot. Jaguar comments in a release writing "the ad brings the excitement of Jaguar to life; communicating the heightened sense of life drivers feel when they get behind the wheel of a Jaguar - agile, powerful, and exhilarated."

The company had all of these cars displayed at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show.

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